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Register your interest in Green Deal Work: Advisers; Installers; Providers; Trainers; other . . . ..

Register Free on the new Green Deal Consortia

Get ahead of your game and register your details if you are intending to bid for work under the Green Deal. The Government is encouraging small organisations to create partnerships with larger organisations or local authorities, and to participate in the creation of consortia of certified and accredited companies. The Green Deal Consortia is a free membership which will allow partnerships to develop on a localised basis.......

SMEs must prepare for October’s Green Deal launch

Prepare now to qualify for Green Deal work from October 2012. The Green Deal aims to retrofit up to 14million UK homes with energy saving measures by 2020. How can SMEs take advantage?


DECC has today made new provision for a reduced tariff rate (from 1 April 2012 onwards) for new solar PV installations with an eligibility date on or after 3 March 2012 under the Feed – in Tariffs scheme (FITs). . . .


Green Deal will trigger changes to the traditional Energy Performance Certificates (EPC), which provide prospective buyers and tenants the energy efficiency ratings of a property. However, they have never reached their full potential due to a general lack of awareness by both customers and agents.

Social Housing: CESP Funding Changes?

Generally, CESP funding is on a match fund basis but there may be a significant change in this approach. With a strong possibility of 100% funding, which is very scarce, it is important for social landlords and property managers take advantage of the opportunity and get their homes to low carbon and reduce fuel poverty.

Green News and Green Deal

Welcome again to Green News & Green Deal. There are only 258 days until the launch of Green Deal and its first customers on the 1 October 2012. Are you geared up and ready? If not, you may find this newsletter very useful.

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