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Mass home improvement programme for generations

Chances are that you haven't heard of the Green Deal yet, but a crucial consultation period for this Government initiative has now begun. It plans to give homeowners the opportunity to make energy-efficient improvements without having to pay directly for the installation costs. See the video to the right and read on for more information:

Green Deal and Sustainability

Green Deal and sustainability will have a massive impact on the construction industry over the next decade and according to predictions will create jobs to install energy efficiency measures for 100,000 people by 2017. Sustainability is not just about reducing carbon emissions, but will make homes and SMEs more energy efficient in response to an over reliance on fossil fuels.

Upfront Finance for Businesses - Green Deal’s Cost Savings

Green Deal is the scheme whereby householders, private landlords and businesses will be given finance upfront to make cost savings by energy efficiency improvements, which will then be paid for by energy bill savings. It also introduces a range of other provisions to encourage low carbon generation. The latest news on Green Deal:

greendeal news

greendeal news is out! Top stories today via @bsmytherman @andybutterfield @pbenergysol @fmjtoday @uk_green_deal

The Green Deal Authorisation Scheme

What is the Green Deal Authorisation Scheme? What are Green Deal Measures? How can you get Green Deal registered? You must start to think about all of these now - time is running out to get your business repositioned and ready for the low carbon future. Read on for the answers:

Green Deal Explained and the Current Situation

This article by CIBSE explains where the Bill has got to, how the Bill may affect the work of those in construction and why you may want to keep abreast of developments.

Green Deal and Renewable Energy Roadmap published

Government has published a new document outlining how the Green Deal can help to make both new and existing properties carbon efficient. More:

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