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Phyllis Boardman of PB Energy Solutions Ltd is a panelist representing the UK’s Green Deal at the prestigious DUBAI GLOBAL CONVENTION 2012 7th International Conference on Social Responsibility......

Green Deal Opportunities!

The Government has forecast that employment in the new green growth sector could more than double by 2015. For full article:

Green Deal proposed changes

Proposed changes to Green Deal Provider authorisation was announced last week. The changes are aimed to ensure a competitive Green Deal market to provide the best deal for consumers

Green Deal: Get involved in the bigger picture

Free listing for Energy Assessors; Green Deal Trainers; Green Deal Advisors; Green Deal installers: Electricians; Heating Engineers; Window & Door installers; Insulation installers; Renewables installers; Plumbers; Contractors - form Consortia to win larger contracts.

Green Deal and European Protected Species (EPS)

One of our expert Consultants has been working through the regulations relating to European Protected Species to see how it impacts on Green Deal work.

Greenteam to deliver Oldham’s Green Deal

Teaming up with the UK’s leading Green Deal expert, Phyllis Boardman of PB Energy Solutions Ltd and Green Deal Nationwide, Greenteam are today launching their pioneering ‘Get Green Deal Ready’ initiative.

Selling the Green Deal and Cold Calling

Responding to many queries on selling the Green Deal, the article below explains the position, based on the proposed Code of Practice:

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