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Green up your business with grants and loans

It is becoming increasingly important for your business to be more environmentally responsible. There are a number of grants, loans and government sponsored initiatives available. This can range from funding new energy-efficient equipment to free consultations which provide you with practical business advice

Climate change as a business problem

The coalition government speaks with one voice about the risks of climate change. The British public recognises that inaction is no longer acceptable. And the country’s business community is determined to play its part in addressing the problem. Full article . . . .

RHI Premium Payment opens doors 2,700 expressions of interest

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) is expecting strong interest from households wishing to take advantage of the first phase of the government's Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) following the official launch of the scheme today . .

Control, reduce and eliminate 'invisible' energy waste

You could be wasting up to 40% of all the energy you consume. You can request a FREE Energy Survey. Following the survey you will be provided a free report detailing exactly how to cut your costs & reduce your carbon footprint. Read on for more information . . . . .

New developments to become more sustainable

A recent survey undertaken by BRE Global shows that over 40% of local authorities in the UK are specifying sustainable building policies in their plans which will shape the nature of planning policies.

The Future of Business 2011: a summary of the main findings

British businesses are innovating their way towards recovery. Digital communications, biotechnology and low-carbon technology will be the major growth areas over the next decade. For more and full report please read on.

Community Infrastructure Levy - LAs options to fund renewables

Community Infrastructure Levy will give councils 'options' to contribute funds towards renewable energy programmes in new housing development. See article:

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