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Green News and Green Deal

Help for Installers; Consortia Advice for Green Deal Participants, Social Housing CESP, FiTs Update, EPC Changes.....

Green News and Green Deal

Welcome again to Green News & Green Deal. There are only 258 days until the launch of Green Deal and its first customers on the 1 October 2012. Are you geared up and ready? If not, you may find this newsletter very useful.

Christmas Green News and Green Deal

Since my last newsletter, there has been a lot of activity in response to political changes, Green Deal consultations, and businesses looking to adapt their business models around the Green Deal. With little time to go, the PAS 2030 final is due end of January 2012, together with a series of final specifications and accreditations for Advisors, Installers, Providers and Certification Bodies.

Green News & Green Deal

The Green Deal Scheme is less than 10 months to launch. To take advantage of the opportunities for Green Deal and retrofitting work, you must start to gear-up now. If you are already in heating, electrical, gas, insulation, or just a general builder, and you want to become a Green Deal installer, there are a number of potential business models which will ensure you will have fair access to the market – whether you are a sole trader, SME, or large organisation:

Green News and Green Deal!

Welcome to another week of Green Deal activities! There have been some major developments with key documents released by the Government. I have therefore been busy analysing it all; writing out summaries, and posting articles about all those areas which could be most relevant to my readership.

Green News and Green Deal

This week I have focused on preparing summary papers in relation to environmental requirements. The plethora of legislation, regulations, certifications, accreditations – and how these all fit together – can be extremely difficult to follow.

Green News & Green Deal

The Green Deal scheme will affect everyone living in the UK! I am aware that there are many who subscribe to my newsletter that may not feel the Green Deal is relevant to them. However, being green as a business will be very important........

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