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Solar Industry poised for today’s Court Outcome

Today the High Court is hearing legal challenges by two solar companies and Friends of the Earth about the cut in financial incentives for renewable electricity……..

Boost for Green Growth! Are you ready?

£10 million for Community Green Schemes; £20 million for public sector’s energy efficiency; £2 billion extra for Green Investment Bank; £1.4 million for Green Deal skills; Enterprise Investment Scheme for start-up of green businesses; £200 million of cash backs for first wave of Green Deal customers; £1 billion Business Finance Partnership; National Loan Guarantee Scheme to underwrite £40 millions of loan to businesses; £250 million support package for energy-intensive firms.

Solar companies allowed to challenge Government

A High Court Judge granted three companies permission to challenge the Government over action to cut subsidies for solar energy. . . . .

Community Funding for Energy Efficiency Projects

A new grant fund - LEAF – has been set up to help communities to take action on energy efficiency and renewable energy. Working with the private and public sectors, projects can be developed alongside the Green Deal, Feed in Tariffs and the Renewable Heat Incentive. Our Green Deal Enerprise CIC can partner eligible organisations and carry projects through on behalf of a qualifying organisation . . . ..

SMEs: £1,000 grant to help you on the way to Green Growth!

Match funding, of up to £1,000, is aimed to enhance the leadership and management skills of Directors and/or Managers of small to medium sized enterprises, including social enterprises if they can demonstrate the potential for high or fast growth. PB Energy Solutions has teamed up with NXO to utilise this grant so we can prepare SMEs for opportunities in the new green growth industry and Green Deal.

Renewable Heat Incentives (RHI) for businesses from 18th Nov 11

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for businesses will open for applications on Monday 28 November 2011. After a short delay due to EU state aid rules, organisations will be able to apply to Ofgem from Monday 28 November and will receive payments on a quarterly basis for heat generated over 20 years. For details please read on:

The Carbon Reduction Commitment explained

Does the Carbon Reduction Commitment affect your business, and if so, what are the implications? Read on for more information:

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