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Government and businesses working together

“Moving to a green economy presents huge opportunities for British businesses not only to reduce their environmental impact, but also to transform products and services, develop cleaner technologies, and capture new international markets.” Full article:

A Green Business Case will reap many benefits

Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH of PB Energy Solutions Limited writes - Corporate responsibility is part of the Big Society and many businesses are already working with their local communities. The government wants to see more businesses taking a keen interest in the communities they serve by taking part in Every Business Commits.

Business: Waste, Renewable Energy, Supply Chains, and Marketing

We offer Businesses valuable guidance on how to implement effective policies for reducing the amount of waste they produce and how they can harness the environmental and financial benefits associated with renewable energy. In addition, we show them how to start delivering more sustainable supply chains and developing an effective green marketing strategy.

M&S First Major Retailer for Full Supply-Chain Traceability

Because of growing scrutiny from consumers, along with tighter environmental restrictions and volatile markets for raw materials, full supply-chain traceability is fast becoming a necessity in today’s marketplace

Green Business Plan to Cut Operating Costs

Research shows that an easy and cost effective package of green measures can help businesses cut their environmental impact, including operating costs, whilst enhancing their green credentials. . . .

Government launches blueprint for green business co-operation

"Businesses need to prepare for a low carbon future, minimise the risks in the fossil fuel economy and maximise the opportunities arising from green technologies," said Business Secretary Vince Cable. Full article:

Your Business is the Environment!

Is your business concerned about the environment or do you think it is someone else's problem? Do you know how environmental legislation and regulation affects your business? Did you know that being environmentally aware makes cost savings and gives you an advantage over competitors?

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