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Back to light up the Green Deal!

After a short break to build on our thriving Green Deal Consortia business, I am now pleased to return to keep you all up to date and refreshed about the Green Deal and the fantastic opportunities ahead. Lots of bad PR recently doesn’t exactly help, but keep to the facts and stay tuned into this site to stay abreast. Don’t let the grass grow under your feet!

Green Deal Pioneer Provider Skills Survey

Yorkshire Energy Services has responded positively to the challenges and opportunities inherent in ECO and Green Deal through developing a distinctive business model, intended to service the SME installer, community groups, public sector, rural and high end-user private sector households, via an aggregator Green Deal provider approach. To achieve this Yorkshire Energy Services is seeking a small number of Energy Suppliers that can provide the requisite ECO and Green Deal finance; and are positive that the company will be able to help meet their ambitions to be a Green Deal Provider; and help meet the mandated ECO obligation(s).

Countdown to Green Deal: Free Seminar, Wigan on 12/09/12

Free entry for Installers: The Green Deal is the Government’s flagship policy for retrofitting domestic & commercial properties throughout the UK. It starts in October and there is £1.3bn available under the ‘ECO scheme’.

A summing up for Green Deal for the UK

Research clearly shows that a large contribution to Green Deal can be made by small businesses, specifically those interested in the green growth markets. High-growth firms, many of which are small businesses, are the essential innovators. “No nation was ever ruined by trade” is a quote from Benjamin Franklin (1706 – 1790) and it sums up what Green Deal can do for the UK. Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is a long awaited trigger for the economy and the role small businesses play in this will be vital. 60,000 jobs are estimated to result from the Green Deal …

Consumer Credit Licence: A Green Deal necessity

If you’re planning to be a Green Deal Provider in the delivery of the government’s Green Deal to UK households it is vital that you act now to obtain a consumer credit licence. Those businesses that fail to do so are likely to find that they are unable to operate. Article by Scott Robert LLP.


The new Green Deal Oversight and Registration Body (GD ORB) has launched its Green Deal Registration process for Assessors, Installers and Certification Bodies including the Green Deal Provider authorisation process via

Roll out of fully funded Energy Efficiency improvements

“This is a win-win situation for property owners who can significantly improve their stock, increase its market value, and keep their tenants comfortable for longer thus reducing turnover”. Phyllis Prior-Boardman explains how some property owners can apply for subsidies before December 2012 ........

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