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'Green Deal' loan scheme to benefit businesses

The 'Green Deal' scheme unveiled by the UK government will provide Small and Medium size businesses with access to the upfront capital needed to enhance the energy efficiency of their properties. PB Energy Solutions can help you. . . . . . . . .

GREEN DEAL GREEN UP Newsletter 2nd Edition 9 July 2011

We are once again delighted to send you our newsletter ‘GREEN DEAL GREEN UP’ 2nd Edition which captures this week’s concerns on energy prices and which provides links to a number of products and services that can reduce your utility costs. To sign up for your copy, please subscribe to the right of this web page. 2nd Edition . . . . . .

The Responsibility Deal for Businesses – Launch Autumn 2011

The Government’s Responsibility Deal ‘Every Business Commits’ encourages businesses to focus on five priorities: 1. Reduce carbon and protect the environment. 2. Improve skills and create jobs. 3. Support community. 4. Improve quality of life and well-being. 5. Support small and medium-sized enterprises.

Funding now available through the EU Eco-innovation initiative

Funding is now available through the EU Eco-innovation initiative for the development of new processes, products or services that mitigate environmental impacts or promote a more efficient use of resources.

Opportunities for SME's under Green Deal

The Government is predicting that the supply chain could support 100,000 jobs within five years spread across the UK. The Energy Bill provides for a new ‘Green Deal’ intended to revolutionize the energy efficiency of British properties. Under the ‘Green Deal’, householders will be able to get energy efficiency improvements without having to pay upfront. Businesses will provide the capital, getting their money back via the Energy Bill. At the heart of the offer is a simple rule that estimated savings on bills will always equal or exceed the cost of the work – the so called ’golden rule’ of the ‘Green Deal’.

CHRIS HUHNE: Homes missing out on energy bill savings

New figures released today reveal that nearly half of Britain’s homes do not have adequate basic insulation and are throwing away at least £100 in wasted energy payments every year. Under the Green Deal, households will be able to invest in energy efficiency improvements worth up to £10,000 where an impartial assessment identifies appropriate measures that can be expected to save at least as much money as they cost to install. Major domestic retrofits worth more than £10,000 will also be possible where Green Deal providers can demonstrate a higher level of consumer protection. The Green Deal will also be available to commercial properties.

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