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Keeping cool with refrigerants: The F-gas review

Fluorinated gases power the world's refrigerants and air conditioning systems, and make up around 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions. But if business continues as usual, by 2050 they could be responsible for between 9%-19% of global emissions, prompting EU policymakers to take action to contain leakage or even ban their use. Free advice on your system:

'Green' image seen as key to future business success

As fears over climate change mount, environmentally-conscious citizens are attracted to companies that share their concerns about environmental degradation. For your business support requirements, please contact us:

Businesses should adopt Green Code of Conduct

Major EU retailers, including Carrefour and Tesco, have signed up to a voluntary code of conduct seeking to reduce their environmental footprint on issues ranging from energy use to sustainable sourcing. PB Energy Solutions can sign you up to your own GREEN CODE. Full story . . .

Great Green Deal Business Opportunities

Looking to re-invent? There are opportunities in the green growth industry & we help with Green Deal accreditation. The Government is setting up a framework so that private businesses can access supply chains to offer green improvements to homes, communities and organisations

GREENnote 'GREEN DEAL GREEN UP' 3rd Edition 16th July 2011

This week’s round up presents some pretty serious messages. With almost 7,500 businesses going bust in the last 3 months alone, it is vital that businesses rewrite their business plan to increase chances for Green Deal opportunities. A recent amendment to the Energy Bill prohibits the sale of Green Deal unaccredited products showing that accreditation is essential for you to survive. Read on for the full GREENnote:

Business failures rise for first time in a year

The number of companies failing rose for the first time in a year yesterday as more cracks appeared in the fragile economy. Nearly 7,500 went to the wall between April and June, up 3.4% on the same period in 2010, according to data gatherer Equifax. By Graham Hiscott, Daily Mirror 15/07/2011

EPB Regs impose obligation on those with control of air-cons

General pre-contract enquiries for all commercial property transactions CPSE.1: Part 4 of the EPB Regulations 2007 imposes an obligation on those who have control of air-conditioning systems (with a maximum output of more than 12kW) to ensure that the system is inspected at least every five years by an energy assessor.

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