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DECC launches 'new era in home heating' with 1st phase RHI

The government has issued a rallying call for householders to take advantage of the first £15m phase of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), which is expected to see 25,000 biomass boilers, air and ground source heat pumps, and solar thermal panels installed in UK homes . . . . .

Lower Manufacturing Costs with ISO 14006:2011 ECO DESIGN

Launching the new Eco design in Environmental Management Systems. An increasing number of organisations are deciding to address eco design of their products. This is due to a range of driving trends such as market expectations and supply chain pressure. PB Energy Solutions provide low cost opportunities for ISO accreditations.

Green Deal Explained and the Current Situation

This article by CIBSE explains where the Bill has got to, how the Bill may affect the work of those in construction and why you may want to keep abreast of developments.

Green networks spreading across the EU

The EUROPEAN TRADE UNION CONFEDERATION (EUTC) is calling for discussions with the EU’s Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard, on how the workplace and social dialogue can play a part in European energy efficiency policy. See our range of services to green up your workplace.

Green Deal and Renewable Energy Roadmap published

Government has published a new document outlining how the Green Deal can help to make both new and existing properties carbon efficient. More:

British Gas launches early "Green Deal" service

Home Energy Plan designed to help consumers fight rising bills. British Gas yesterday unveiled a Green Deal-style scheme designed to help customers reduce the upfront cost of installing clean technologies such as insulation and solar panels. The new initiative, dubbed British Gas's Home Energy Plan, comes just days after the utility confirmed domestic gas and electricity prices will increase.......

8 in 10 want businesses to do more for environment

The latest survey by the European Commission shows that the environment is an important personal concern to more than 90% of respondents in every single Member State. A large majority of Europeans agree that using natural resources more efficiently and protecting the environment can boost economic growth in the EU. More information, please…

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