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GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No9/27 August 11

I hope you find this week’s newsletter of great environmental interest. The theme is around the challenges you face as a business, the benefits you can achieve, the impact on your image, the opportunities you can take and the help we can offer.

Save Money on your Gas & Electricity

CASE STUDIES: A local funeral parlour, with 6 sites, saved £5,500 on their electricity after contacting us for a free audit. £1,100 per annum on electricity savings obtained for a large Manchester based graphics company. Ring for your FREE Audit to see how many £1ks you can save! . . . . .

Quality Accredited Solar Energy Systems Save Money

Which? magazine's investigation into solar energy systems highlighted that some PV Installer companies were using 'dodgy sales tactics and giving poor advice' to consumers. This could prove to be potentially very damaging to the industry and we at PB Energy Solutions take it extremely seriously.

Green image, eco-friendly, sustainable, energy efficient?

No matter what you call it, going green is a 'Unique Selling Point' which increases your sales, profitability and improves your reputation. Using less paper in the office and having the odd recycling bin is a start but you must now look to more creative ways to position your company as eco-friendly.

Save up to 6% on running your Air Conditioning

Save up to 6% on running your Air Conditioning. All air conditioning systems rated over 12kW must be inspected every 5 years. The recommendations will reduce energy wastage and will repay the cost of your inspection in no time.

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GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No8/20 August 11

My weekly roundup brings you a mixture of government support, renewable energy facts, news and best practice. From my heart warming charity work to news of more enterprise zones, it certainly makes interesting reading!

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