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Increase your profit margin by lowering energy costs

Producing products and services that generate waste and pollution requires expenditures that cut into the bottom line of a business. Going green helps businesses lower production costs, improve competitiveness and increase profits. By reducing waste, decreasing energy use and recycling, businesses can improve the environment and reduce carbon emissions. In addition to the environmental benefits of going green, businesses benefit financially as well. What can we do to help?

You need a Sustainability Strategy!

GREEN is a Brand. Is it yours? Being green is the new era of customer experience and customers no longer separate a business’s actions from products and brand. Being green is part of customer expectation and should therefore be a part of your business and brand. Ignorance on going green and sustainability can easily destroy your reputation and your business’s value.

Cost Saving Solution for Big Winter Energy Bills

As you read this, it's probably feeling cooler and thoughts of the heating costs of your buildings are not far off. Before you know it, the nights will draw in and your lighting requirements will double. It will pay you dividends to talk to PB Energy Solutions - we advise on the benefits of energy reducing measures and alternative heating. We make recommendations way beyond the scope of what your business can do on its own.

Energy Bill: Committee Stage Report 6 September 11

The Bill covers a wide range of topics including issues relating to energy efficiency, including the Green Deal, and energy generation. The most substantial amendments to the Bill relate to the introduction of regulations on the energy efficiency of the private rented sector. Ring for free Advice on how this Bill will affect your business:

GREEN Business Opportunities: Whatever your business!

Professional Services? Automotive? ICT? Steel & metals? Chemical? Construction? Finance? Legal? Accountancy? Advertising? Management consultancy? Architectural and technical? Recruitment? Security? Whatever your business, the move to a green economy will affect you.

Building Logbooks help lower costs and CO2

A Building Log Book provides a one stop place to record on-going energy performance which will help you to improve your energy efficiency and save money. Remember, in some buildings they are a legal requirement! We are offering special discounts on the design of a Building Log Book for your premises, please ring with your requirements: 01942 829 568

Energy savings made inexpensively, quickly and simply

If those empowered to save energy don’t do so now, they will be compelled under law to do so in the future. PB Energy Solutions has the expertise and experience to provide the very best advice, backed by the latest technology to make savings inexpensively, quickly and simply.

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