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Return on Green Investment 11-12%

If Businesses invest in renewable energy, they could make average returns of 11 to 12%, with the potential for returns in excess of 20%. There are new financial incentives to encourage Businesses to generate their own renewable energy. Energy prices are set to grow by up to 37% by 2020. This will prove a financial success of investing in renewable energy. Ring for free advice:

A Green Business Case for your company

Green is trendy. Green saves money. Green increases sales. A Green Business is one that is sustainable and eco-friendly and operates in a way that eliminates waste and reduces carbon emissions and pollution. Green means reduced energy costs, improved image and increased profitablility.

Save money: Save Energy: Save Carbon

Save money: Save Energy: Save CO2. Save valuable pounds on your energy consumption. Dramatically reduce your power usage and lower bills. Make your business leaner and greener. Reduce energy costs by 20%. Improve cash flow and profits: Contact PB Energy Solutions for a free audit of your energy consumption by expert professionals:

Upfront Finance for Businesses - Green Deal’s Cost Savings

Green Deal is the scheme whereby householders, private landlords and businesses will be given finance upfront to make cost savings by energy efficiency improvements, which will then be paid for by energy bill savings. It also introduces a range of other provisions to encourage low carbon generation. The latest news on Green Deal:

Cut costs, improve cash flow and reduce environmental impact

Cut costs, improve cash flow and reduce your environmental impact. Secure new business by showing your green image and credentials. Demonstrate your business's responsibilities to customers, investors and stakeholders. We can identify savings in energy, waste, water and procurement. We can significantly reduce your waste & energy consumption leading to clear financial savings & increased customer satisfaction.

GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No10/10 September 11

This week's GreenNote explains how you can save money and save energy quickly, simply and inexpensively. Being green is officially a 'no brainer', demonstrating that energy efficiency pays for itself. Read how your business, no matter what service you offer, can gain a competitive advantage by taking a control of a low carbon future. Are you ready for a cold winter? The high energy bills must be very worrying in these lean times . . . . . ..

'No brainer' energy efficiency savings!

"People think energy savings are too good to be true, people are always looking for a problem – it's not there. Just go do it”. The case for embracing energy efficiency measures is a "no brainer"! Energy efficiency improvements pay for themselves . . . . .

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