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The Third Industrial Revolution is Renewable Energy

Internet technology and renewable energy are coming together to produce the ‘Third Industrial Revolution.’ Everyone will be producing their own renewable energy in homes, offices, and factories. It is anticipated that the power of the internet will allow sharing energy with each other in the same way as we use social media for communication.

Accountants – leading on green change?

Accountants are in a strong position to establish themselves as leaders of green change and in so doing save money, enhance image and increase profitability. Read on for the “Accountants Green Business Case” and how it can turn you into a market leader.

Opportunities for Electricians under Green Deal

Green Deal will bring about demand for the skills of electrical contractors for installation of renewable technologies and the Government is supporting small & medium electrical contractors to do this. There will be opportunities for those who adapt to these changes as it will be a necessity for them to become Green Deal or Green Energy installers. Read on for advice:

Renewable energy gives 12 % return for businesses

Your business can make significant earnings from renewable energy. Our tailored ‘Green Business Case’ includes installation of renewables. The case is now stronger than ever, and you can average returns of 11 to 12 % on investments made in onsite renewable energy. With energy bills set to rise by another 37% by 2020, the financial benefits for investing in solar panels to bio-mass are getting much stronger.

Energy is a huge overhead. We have a simple solution

Energy consumption is a huge overhead: cut down on energy and you cut down on costs. Simple. Lower your energy consumption, get immediate cost savings. This will increase your Cash Flow and project an excellent reputation for being environmentally aware. . . .

GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No11/18 September 11

Your GREENnote this week informs on rainwater capture; Green Deal opportunities & Green Deal accreditation; business opportunities in the low carbon decade WHATEVER your business; Going & growing green; energy efficiency; reducing costs; renewable energy; image & reputation; and much more . . . . .

Lower energy useage

Are you underestimating the financial benefit of saving energy? More and more businesses are cutting costs by using energy more efficiently but many businesses are underestimating the returns from energy efficiency investments. Savings could be helping them become more efficient, more productive and more profitable.

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