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Update on the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for non-domestic generators was due to be launched on 30 September 2011 but has been delayed until the end of November 2011. Read on for the reason for this delay, and information about the RHI . . . .

Green Deal and Sustainability

Green Deal and sustainability will have a massive impact on the construction industry over the next decade and according to predictions will create jobs to install energy efficiency measures for 100,000 people by 2017. Sustainability is not just about reducing carbon emissions, but will make homes and SMEs more energy efficient in response to an over reliance on fossil fuels.

GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No12/1 October 11

What a difference this week, it is ‘Sun Sun Sun’! My last newsletter started with rainwater harvesting, because it was ‘Rain Rain Rain’! Let’s enjoy the sun and and this time 'think Solar, think Photo-Voltaic’. And enjoy this newsletter and the make the most of the advice contained in it. The world is in your hands so circulate it to other businesses, colleagues and clients. Read the full newsletter:

The Role of Green Interior Design

Interior designers can gain a competitive advantage in the green growth economy. With millions of eco-retrofits to the UK’s domestic and commercial property, the opportunities for interior design will be massive. However, green business planning will be required in order to succeed under Green Deal and the low carbon revolution.

Green Opportunities for Painters & Decorators

The Government’s Low Carbon Construction Action Plan will provide many opportunities under Green Deal for painting and decorating contractors. But how many have got their green credentials in place ready to take up these opportunities?

Manufacturers! Are you Green? Simple Steps

With some easily attainable “quick wins”, manufacturers can reposition themselves ready for the low carbon, green growth industries and gain a competitive advantage. For help and advice, with some simple steps, read on for our Green Manufacturing Guide:

The Basics of Green Procurement

SMEs play a major role in the UK and have influence on purchasing power. Purchasing wisely can save materials and energy, reduces waste and pollution, and encourages sustainability. Opt only for goods and services that respect the environment and which make a contribution towards sustainable development.

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