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Government confirms cut to solar FiT incentives

The government has now confirmed the slash to solar incentives by more than 50 %, cutting the feed-in tariffs available to domestic and small-scale business installations, from 43p to 21p per kWh. The reduced tariffs may come into force as early as 12 December.......

HallowGReen News / 31 October 2011

It has been a very scary week for the Solar Industry, is it trick or treat for them? Don't be a Construction ghost this time next year, and start preparing for the Green Deal opportunities. The ISO 50001 is not as spooky as you think and tender prequalification is made hauntingly clear. Read on for fangtastic news . . .

The future remains bright for Solar, despite FiT reduction

Boom or bust? PB Energy Solutions looks at the latest storm on FiTs and the concern of many that the reduction will ‘kill off’ the solar industry. Together with the reasons for reducing the tariff, there are '8 good reasons' why the future will remain sunny for solar technology . . . .

Construction Tendering: Are you environmentally eligible?

BSI/PAS 91 is a ‘publicly available specification’ that includes a set of questions on environmental criteria essential to prequalification for construction tendering. Responses are used to assess supplier suitability and to be eligible for prequalification suppliers must demonstrate that they possess or have access to environmental capabilities to undertake work and deliver services for potential buyers. See core questions:

Are Construction SMEs ready for the Green Deal?

Following the recent enactment of the Green Deal under the new Energy Act 2011, PB Energy Solutions explains why it is important that small and medium-sized construction businesses start to prepare now in order to maximise their opportunities under the Green Deal. Read on:

The ISO 50001 explained

The ISO 50001 is a new international Environmental Management Standard (EMS). It is the first global EMS following a range of national & regional ISOs such as ISO 9001 and 14001. The purpose of the ISO 50001 is to enable organisations to establish the systems and procedures necessary to improve energy performance including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption.

Green Deal Up! News, articles and opportunities!

The Green Deal: Set in Stone. Last week’s posing question was: Have you heard of Green Deal yet? And as a professional networker, I know first-hand about the lack of awareness of this important Government initiative. Yet the Energy Bill was enacted this week which means that the Green Deal is set in stone! It cannot be overturned by successive Governments, it is here to stay. Read on for more about the Green Deal and how it affects your business.

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