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A Summary of the Green Deal Provisions in the Act itself

Energy Act 2011 (c16): A Summary of the Green Deal Provisions from the actual Act itself. This Paper has been written by Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH and must be read in conjunction with the Act. Read on for more information:

Don’t PASS on PAS 2030 for Green Deal!

This article carries some strong messages. All those installers, contractors, sub-contractors and trades who need to build their business planning around green growth and Green Deal, they will have to jump through some very difficult hurdles, including the PAS 2030 which is due out early 2012. In this article I advise on the proposed route and why you should start planning now.......

Draft Green Deal PAS 2030: Which trades are implicated?

The Draft PAS 2030 will be finalised early 2012. It contains a number of Annexes which detail the scope of installations which will need to be PAS 2030 certificated. It involves many trades and it is well worth you checking to see if your trade is included. If so, take advice and prepare yourself for Green Deal Accreditation, otherwise you may miss out on massive opportunities from October 2012.

Green News & Green Deal

In this edition I bring together some of the week’s events in the Green Deal and Solar Industry.

How to Get Green Deal Installer Accreditation

See what the DECC’s latest thinking is on Green Deal accreditation for installers. PB Energy Solutions has also summarised the PAS 2030 in an easy to read, jargon free format. This will help you and your business to better understand how to get Green Deal Installer Accreditation.…..

Confused about the Feed in Tariff for Solar PV Installations?

Don't worry, many of us are! However, get advice from this reliable source and read more on how the tariffs and eligibility for the installation of PV panels on your roof can affect you .......

The Green Deal for Business

Energy policy in the UK is a priority at present and at its core is the launch of the Green Deal next Autumn. This is the scheme which will provide all SMEs the opportunity to install a range of energy efficiency measures without the need for upfront costs.......

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