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Green News & Green Deal

In this edition I bring together some of the week’s events in the Green Deal and Solar Industry.

HallowGReen News / 31 October 2011

It has been a very scary week for the Solar Industry, is it trick or treat for them? Don't be a Construction ghost this time next year, and start preparing for the Green Deal opportunities. The ISO 50001 is not as spooky as you think and tender prequalification is made hauntingly clear. Read on for fangtastic news . . .

Green Deal Up! News, articles and opportunities!

The Green Deal: Set in Stone. Last week’s posing question was: Have you heard of Green Deal yet? And as a professional networker, I know first-hand about the lack of awareness of this important Government initiative. Yet the Energy Bill was enacted this week which means that the Green Deal is set in stone! It cannot be overturned by successive Governments, it is here to stay. Read on for more about the Green Deal and how it affects your business.

Green Deal News No13: 15 October 2011

Have you heard of the Green Deal yet? The chances are you may have not. Yet it will be the biggest home improvement programme for generations, open to every UK domestic and small medium business property. Read on for all the latest news:

GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No12/1 October 11

What a difference this week, it is ‘Sun Sun Sun’! My last newsletter started with rainwater harvesting, because it was ‘Rain Rain Rain’! Let’s enjoy the sun and and this time 'think Solar, think Photo-Voltaic’. And enjoy this newsletter and the make the most of the advice contained in it. The world is in your hands so circulate it to other businesses, colleagues and clients. Read the full newsletter:

GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No11/18 September 11

Your GREENnote this week informs on rainwater capture; Green Deal opportunities & Green Deal accreditation; business opportunities in the low carbon decade WHATEVER your business; Going & growing green; energy efficiency; reducing costs; renewable energy; image & reputation; and much more . . . . .

GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No10/10 September 11

This week's GreenNote explains how you can save money and save energy quickly, simply and inexpensively. Being green is officially a 'no brainer', demonstrating that energy efficiency pays for itself. Read how your business, no matter what service you offer, can gain a competitive advantage by taking a control of a low carbon future. Are you ready for a cold winter? The high energy bills must be very worrying in these lean times . . . . . ..

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