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Green Deal CAT for installers, ingenious and effortless!

Don’t get flustered with the PAS 2030. We have designed a comprehensive and integrated method for Green Deal Installers to get full PAS 2030 Green Deal Accreditation. The ‘Consortia Accreditation Toolkit’ (CAT) supports and guides an installer through a number of uncomplicated and trouble-free steps. Our approach is simple - Get Accredited, Stay Accredited*. Read on for more information:

Green Deal Announcements!

Only two weeks from signing the first Green Deal plans. Cashback Scheme now launched. Marketing ‘Go live’ campaign starts 28th January.Domestic Green Deal Advice Reports in Scotland commence 16th January.In England& Wales, we are now assessing for Green Deal. Planning is clarified on External Solid Wall Insulation, good news! For all of this and more, please read full article.

Shoots of Green Deal appear

Shoots of Green Deal initiative appear as local delivery team gets ready for Ministerial visit:Plans for stimulating the local economy through the national initiative called ‘Green Deal’ are gaining momentum with an official launch of Wigan based Green Deal Consortia planned for early next month (February 2013).

Green Deal Consortia expands across the UK

Green Deal Consortia Ltd, the specialist low carbon retrofit network for Green Deal, has announced plans to expand its operations further. The energy-saving market potential of the Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation is becoming more recognised and will enable Green Deal Consortia Ltd to embark on its plan to substantially grow the customer base across the UK.

Making the Green Deal Work in Yorkshire

Phyllis Prior-Boardman joins expert panel at January Forum: Making the Green Deal Work in Yorkshire. Enabling effective partnerships, collaborations and connections to innovation, investment and procurement, the ecoConnect forum provides quarterly thought leadership, business networking and collaboration on the UK's Green Economy from a uniquely Yorkshire perspective.

Abundance of Green Deal Opportunities: Are you ready?

To deliver the Green Deal, the supply chain will need to gear up to a sufficient capacity. To put this into perspective, there are 6 million households with insufficient insulation; 6 million homes without full double glazing; and 70% of homes without a full set of heating controls. Green Deal Providers will encourage a whole house approach by installing multiple measures at one time which will expand supply chain capacity to deliver installations in millions of homes.

Green Deal Opportunity Market

There are many opportunities under the Green Deal. Phyllis Prior Boardman explains here how one target market presents massive prospects for industry to access fully funded work under both the Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation. The private rented sector is a significant target market for industry ........

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