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Plumbers: Are you ready for Green Deal?

A new report shows that plumbers may be totally unprepared for the massive changes to the ways homes will be heated in the new low carbon economy. "Managing the UK's [heating] energy systems in a way that reduces CO2, avoids expensive imports, ensures energy security, does not exacerbate fuel poverty, supports job creation and works with – rather than against – the market will be hugely difficult," said Roger Kemp, professor of engineering at Lancaster University. Read on . . . . .

Consortia for Green Deal Small Players

The Green Deal Consortia is a delivery framework providing opportunities for all Green Deal Business Models to share expertise, work in partnership, gain competitive advantages and to ensure a market share by linking in with other local Green Deal participants (before and after Green Deal Accreditation):

The Installation Measures in draft PAS 2030

Very soon, the final PAS 2030 will be launched. This is the Publicly Available Specification which is a sponsored fast-track standard driven by the needs of the Green Deal accreditation framework and developed according to guidelines set out by the British Standards Institute. Please read on for the full list of measures:

The Green Deal: £500 billion investment

To meet the UK’s ambitious carbon reduction targets, over half a million dwellings every year, for the next 40 years will need to be improved. Average improvement costs to achieve 60% reduction of current emissions could be around £25,000 per dwelling, so the improvement programme is worth £12.5 billion per year. For opportunities, read on:

Risks of Green Deal on small firms

How will the small players get a share of the Green Deal market? Big players are well-positioned to deliver the Green Deal in-house, but will this mean further marginalisation for small firms? PB Energy Solutions has looked into the Government’s Impact Assessment to see the impacts they considered……

Passport to Green Deal: Destination - Accreditation

'Passport to Green Deal’ has been designed to provide a package of tool-kits, pathways, plans, and services. A choice of different passageways will help you on your journey to Green Deal accreditation & business opportunities. The avenues available in the Passport will be specifically mapped out for you into a number of accessible routes. Custom-built ‘vehicles’ will transport your business through a confusing Green Deal landscape, whatever the distance of travel, to your destination and beyond – Green Deal Accreditation.

Count Down to Green Deal - 274 days!

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and a very prosperous 2012! With less than 274 days to go before the start of the biggest home improvement programme since the 2nd World War, preparations for your business to be Green Deal ready must start immediately.

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