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Green Deal Pioneer Provider Skills Survey

Yorkshire Energy Services has responded positively to the challenges and opportunities inherent in ECO and Green Deal through developing a distinctive business model, intended to service the SME installer, community groups, public sector, rural and high end-user private sector households, via an aggregator Green Deal provider approach. To achieve this Yorkshire Energy Services is seeking a small number of Energy Suppliers that can provide the requisite ECO and Green Deal finance; and are positive that the company will be able to help meet their ambitions to be a Green Deal Provider; and help meet the mandated ECO obligation(s).

Consumer Credit Licence: A Green Deal necessity

If you’re planning to be a Green Deal Provider in the delivery of the government’s Green Deal to UK households it is vital that you act now to obtain a consumer credit licence. Those businesses that fail to do so are likely to find that they are unable to operate. Article by Scott Robert LLP.

Overview of Green Deal finance

There will be a diverse and well contested Green Deal Provider market which will benefit the consumer by lowering costs, providing scale and national coverage; the provider market will look for off-balance sheet financing, and the ability to access finance from the capital markets. The Green Deal encourages energy efficiency by overcoming financing barriers.