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Green Deal for Wigan & Leigh

Green Deal Wigan & Leigh is set up to ensure that our local trades are geared up to meet this change. We will assess what training and accreditation you will need and can provide courses in environmentally sustainable technologies that you might struggle to find yourself. Plus you may even be eligible for training funding to which we can give you access.

Roll out of fully funded Energy Efficiency improvements

“This is a win-win situation for property owners who can significantly improve their stock, increase its market value, and keep their tenants comfortable for longer thus reducing turnover”. Phyllis Prior-Boardman explains how some property owners can apply for subsidies before December 2012 ........

Green Deal Opportunities!

The Government has forecast that employment in the new green growth sector could more than double by 2015. For full article:

Funding for Community Energy Efficiency Projects

Community groups within the Midlands, South and West Wales and the South West of England are eligible to apply for grants of up to £1000 to pay for simple effective energy efficiency measures to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions of the buildings they use.

Hot off the Press FiTs!

A tariff of 21p/kWh is set from 1st April for domestic-size solar panels, eligibility date on or after 3rd March 2012. Tariff reductions apply for larger installations. Full article . . . .


DECC has today made new provision for a reduced tariff rate (from 1 April 2012 onwards) for new solar PV installations with an eligibility date on or after 3 March 2012 under the Feed – in Tariffs scheme (FITs). . . .

Social Housing: CESP Funding Changes?

Generally, CESP funding is on a match fund basis but there may be a significant change in this approach. With a strong possibility of 100% funding, which is very scarce, it is important for social landlords and property managers take advantage of the opportunity and get their homes to low carbon and reduce fuel poverty.

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