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Green Deal Pioneer Provider Skills Survey

Posted on: 2012-09-11 17:14:56


Yorkshire Energy Services has responded positively to the challenges and opportunities inherent in ECO and Green Deal through developing a distinctive business model, intended to service the SME installer, community groups, public sector, rural and high end-user private sector households, via an aggregator Green Deal provider approach.  To achieve this Yorkshire Energy Services is seeking a small number of Energy Suppliers that can provide the requisite ECO and Green Deal finance; and are positive that the company will be able to help meet their ambitions to be a Green Deal Provider; and help meet the mandated ECO obligation(s).

To date Yorkshire Energy Services has significantly positioned itself at the forefront of Green Deal developments via a number of approaches, as follows.

•Green Deal Provider pioneer - Yorkshire Energy Services is a member of the Government’s Green Deal pioneer group, designed to test the system flows within the Green Deal plan process prior to market roll-out.  From the information acquired via the pioneer group the company are well on their way to establish the internal systems and infrastructure required to meet the Green Deal accreditation process. This includes capability to deliver from initial point of customer contact through to the management of the plan over the life-time of the measure(s).  Yorkshire Energy Services aims to be Green Deal Provider accredited, to provide assurance that when it is operating on behalf of other Green Deal Providers it has the requisite systems, skills and knowledge to carry out the Green Deal process.

•Green Deal Consortia - A strategic partnership between YES and PB Energy Solutions Ltd was established earlier this year, with the aim of supporting SME and Micro businesses to achieve accreditation under PAS2030. The consortia is a collective of over 200 SME’s and the Green Deal Consortia is now established as a limited company, and plans are in place to develop this model independently of YES. Separately to this, YES are investigating additional alternative routes to support SMEs to work together on a more informal basis.

•Green Deal Skills Exemplar - Working closely with the Green Deal Skills Alliance (GDSA), an organisation comprised of 3 built environment sector skills councils: AssettSkills, CITB-Construction Skills and SummitSkills, Yorkshire Energy Services (YES) has been chosen to act as an exemplar to other regions, and pilot how public sector bodies and private sector companies can up skill to ensure there are no skills shortages when Green Deal and ECO roll out.

In Spring 2012 YES were selected as one of six exemplars; from a large number of applicants. The selection of YES was largely due to the company’s strategic approach being based on the desire to develop supply chain opportunities for local SME businesses to compete on an equal footing with larger contractors and delivery agents. By doing so YES aims to positively influence the growth of green sector training, jobs and economic benefits at a local community level, and to provide a voice on green Deal for SME’s at a national level.

As part of the Exemplar project Yorkshire Energy Services are part of a national project working with the Green Deal Skills Alliance. The Green Deal is the Government’s flagship energy efficiency programme, further information is available from the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s website ( The Green Deal Skills Alliance (GDSA), comprising ConstructionSkills, Asset Skills and SummitSkills are undertaking a programme of coordinated development work to support the UK Government’s Green Deal initiative.

The aim of the project is to work with Green Deal implementation initiatives to ensure that sufficiently skilled workers are available to deliver real energy efficiency gains and significant measurable reductions in carbon emissions.

To support this we have agreed with the Green Deal Skills Alliance to distribute the attached survey to our network of linked organisations in order to establish a baseline of current skills, qualifications, training activity and future training activity to give an initial idea of what the Green Deal landscape looks like at this moment in time. We would therefore very much appreciate you taking the time (and it should take approximately 10-20 minutes) to complete the attached survey and to submit your response by 14th September 2012.

If you wish to use the online web page version please include use the link below:

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