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Wigan & Leigh area Green Deal Participants: Invitation

Posted on: 2012-05-20 11:51:53

Our new Company ‘Green Deal Consortia Ltd’, based at the Wigan Investment Centre, is setting up an exclusive Consortium of Green Deal installers, advisors, project managers, trainers and other essential participants.  This unique Consortium, which partners a Green Deal Provider, YESprojects, will have access to Green Deal Financing to deliver a whole house approach across the Wigan & Leigh region.  If you are interested in taking opportunities, please apply.


The Government is keen to ensure that the small players gain a share in the Green Deal market. Two thirds of the construction workforce is employed by SMEs and they therefore have an important role to play in the delivery of the Green Deal.


The Green Deal

The Green Deal will be the biggest home energy improvement programme of modern times aiming to revolutionise the energy efficiency of properties, businesses and communities

We have access to a £3.5m fund to address skills shortages within our Consortium including up skilling energy assessors who are already qualified as Domestic Energy Assessors. 

More announcements in June 2012 will give more detail on how this money will be spent and to promote opportunities for trainees and companies interested in working under the Green Deal.


Green Deal Customers

Green Deal customers will be able to access the scheme from 1 October 2012.  Before then, the timeline of major stages will include secondary legislation and the accreditation and certification framework.  Green Deal Participants, including Green Deal Providers, are preparing now for the first wave of customers.  The Government has pledged to kick-start the programme with a £200 million fund to provide cash-backs by way of incentives for the first wave of Green Deal customers.


To complement the Green Deal scheme, the Government is putting in place the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).  This means that the big energy suppliers will provide an estimated £1.3bn a year of support with at least £540m to fund energy saving improvements in the poorest homes.  


Ten Facts why the Green Deal can’t possibly fail:

  1. By 2020 the world’s low-carbon energy market will be almost three times larger than it is today.
  2. Energy efficiency will be the single largest opportunity by 2020.
  3. Renewable power has largest growth in low-carbon energy supply.
  4. A low-carbon economy will be a capital-intensive economy.
  5. Green growth is officially the third industrial revolution with 5 pillars.
  6. Green Deal will be the biggest home improvement programme since the 2nd World War.
  7. The global market for low carbon technologies is estimated to reach £4 trillion by 2015.
  8. £200 million worth of incentives for the first wave of Green Deal customers in October 2012.
  9. More than 150,000 tenants would escape fuel poverty if the coldest rented homes were improved to a basic standard of insulation and heating.
  10. Energy price rises since 2003 have increased fuel poverty levels to over 5 million households in the UK.


Please use the contact form below to request the eligibility details and requirements of the Wigan & Leigh Consortium Membership