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Energy savings made inexpensively, quickly and simply

Posted on: 2011-08-29 14:24:59

Be warned that if those empowered to save energy don’t do so now, they will be compelled under law to do so in the future.

PB Energy Solutions has the expertise and experience to provide the very best advice, backed by the latest technology to make savings inexpensively, quickly and simply.

We have the technology to control a building’s energy use in lighting, heating, HVAC, building controls and distribution. Lighting alone can account for 40% of a typical commercial enterprise’s electricity consumption. It is also important to consider that other energy reduction measures such as insulation can create problems if adequate ventilation is not considered at the same time.

Energy Auditing

In industry and commerce it is not just the equipment that is powered by electricity that requires better management. Power quality issues, such as improving a site’s power consumption can make substantial savings. Energy auditing can enable more power to be usefully deployed from existing infrastructure - overcoming the need for additional capacity in many instances.

For most there is a lack of understanding of how power is used, and a general lack of knowledge of what technologies are available to manage and save energy.  There are advanced heating, ventilating and air conditioning controllers, boiler controls and even lift drive systems that can all contribute to maximising efficiency. Energy Audits by qualified experts are readily available from PB Energy Solutions.

Managing Energy

There is not a single person that can afford to ignore the potential for saving energy - particularly electrical energy. There are two areas to be addressed in commercial energy use:

The refurbishment of existing buildings and systems to make them more energy efficient

The use of buildings; and the energy saving regimes of the owners, tenants or occupiers

Much attention is usually applied to glazing and insulation, but energy control and management must also rank high on the agenda if a refurbished building is to satisfy its potential for energy efficiency. Retrofitting electrical and building management systems can be easily implemented during refurbishment projects. 

Occupiers of buildings often believe they have little or no control over the energy consumption of the building or that they can take steps to reduce usage. One factor is the lack of understanding as to where energy is used and when. We provide simple monitoring technology which can provide a wealth of data that brings about easy changes and huge energy reductions. Examples include: heating, ventilating and lighting of unoccupied areas; uncontrolled external lighting and internal lighting even where there is adequate daylight. PB Energy Solutions provide such technology and once energy data is identified, excessive or unnecessary energy use is easily alleviated by simple controls or a more disciplined behaviour among the occupants of the building.

There is no option; if individuals, organisations and management do not act now, they will be forced to act with no control over timescales or requirements. We have the available expertise at PB Energy Solutions and there is easily affordable technology that is simple and payback is quick.

Embedding the Green Ethos

In most cases however, there is still the battle to win over your employees within a business to focus on energy and think about it differently.

Few people fully appreciate how much energy they use, how and where they use it and how much they actually need. This is possibly more relevant to those in industry and commerce than for the general public.  In many cases there is a lack of understanding about how energy can be managed and how energy efficiency can be achieved.

We provide the expertise, experience, knowledge and technology that will concentrate your efforts on educating, informing, influencing and persuading your employees to conserve electrical energy.

Whether it is voltage optimisation; monitoring technology; or just an assessment of your utility bills, we provide a free no obligation audit.

We also provide a more in depth Energy Audit which will baseline your property to capture and document its energy characteristics.

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