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GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No12/1 October 11

Posted on: 2011-10-01 12:44:52


Dear all

What a difference this week, it is ‘Sun Sun Sun’!

My last newsletter started with rainwater harvesting, because it was ‘Rain Rain Rain’! 

Let’s enjoy the sun and and this time 'think Solar, think Photo-Voltaic’!

The financial case is now stronger than ever for solar technology.  With average returns of 11 to 12 % on investments and energy bills set to rise by another 37% by 2020, the benefits for investing in solar power is getting steadily stronger.

It follows there is a very strong case for cutting down your business costs.  Energy consumption is a huge overhead and I bring you simple solutions on how you can lower your energy consumption and make immediate cost savings. This will increase cash flow and project an excellent reputation for being environmentally aware.

Please note my interesting article about the ‘Third Industrial Revolution’ which describes how its ‘five-pillars’ will create  thousands of new businesses and hundreds of millions of jobs.  Jeremy Rifkin, internationally recognised adviser, author and lecturer on economic and environmental issues shares his strategy for the Third Industrial Revolution in the video blog on my home page.

So which businesses can take advantage of this ‘green explosion’?  And what jobs will be created as a result?

I have been busy researching the implications, opportunities and challenges for different industries, trades, sectors and professions and will continue to do so over the coming weeks. 

The trades and professions I have researched so far include:-

Interior Design

Painting & Decorating Contractors




Electrical Contractors

My articles clearly demonstrate that all the above have important roles to play and they can take advantage of the massive opportunities ahead in the green growth economy.

Particularly important is procurement.   Green purchasing will set you apart by the way you influence it and your move to a green economy.  You can promote your green procurement to increase your profitability and the impact can be particularly significant.

My Green Manufacturing Guide has easily attainable “quick wins”; manufacturers can reposition themselves ready for the low carbon and green growth industries and gain a competitive advantage.

As always, please enjoy this newsletter and circulate it to your colleagues, customers, clients and stakeholders.  Everyone and every business can take advantage of the massive opportunities in the forthcoming low carbon decade.

Do not hesitate to contact me for a chat on any issue raised in this newsletter.  I would be delighted to talk to you.  And if there is a particular trade, sector, industry or profession you would specifically like me to cover, just let me know and I post an article for you.

Remember, the world is in your hands!

Best wishes

Phyllis Boardman  

Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH

PB Energy Solutions Ltd

Tel:  01942 829 568 or 0791 2789 186

GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No12/1 October 11 

The Role of Green Interior Design

Interior designers can gain a competitive advantage in the green growth economy. With millions of eco-retrofits to the UK’s domestic and commercial property, the opportunities for interior design will be massive. However, green business planning will be required in order to succeed under Green Deal and the low carbon revolution.

Green Opportunities for Painters & Decorators

The Government’s Low Carbon Construction Action Plan will provide many opportunities under Green Deal for painting and decorating contractors. But how many have got their green credentials in place ready to take up these opportunities?

Manufacturers! Are you Green? Simple Steps

With some easily attainable “quick wins”, manufacturers can reposition themselves ready for the low carbon, green growth industries and gain a competitive advantage. For help and advice, with some simple steps, read on for our Green Manufacturing Guide:

The Basics of Green Procurement

SMEs play a major role in the UK and have influence on purchasing power. Purchasing wisely can save materials and energy, reduces waste and pollution, and encourages sustainability. Opt only for goods and services that respect the environment and which make a contribution towards sustainable development.

The Third Industrial Revolution is Renewable Energy

Internet technology and renewable energy are coming together to produce the ‘Third Industrial Revolution.’ Everyone will be producing their own renewable energy in homes, offices, and factories. It is anticipated that the power of the internet will allow sharing energy with each other in the same way as we use social media for communication.

Accountants – leading on green change?

Accountants are in a strong position to establish themselves as leaders of green change and in so doing save money, enhance image and increase profitability. Read on for the “Accountants Green Business Case” and how it can turn you into a market leader.

Opportunities for Electricians under Green Deal

Green Deal will bring about demand for the skills of electrical contractors for installation of renewable technologies and the Government is supporting small & medium electrical contractors to do this. There will be opportunities for those who adapt to these changes as it will be a necessity for them to become Green Deal or Green Energy installers. Read on for advice:

Renewable energy gives 12 % return for businesses

Your business can make significant earnings from renewable energy. Our tailored ‘Green Business Case’ includes installation of renewables. The case is now stronger than ever, and you can average returns of 11 to 12 % on investments made in onsite renewable energy. With energy bills set to rise by another 37% by 2020, the financial benefits for investing in solar panels to bio-mass are getting much stronger.

Trying to cut costs? There is a simple solution

Energy consumption is a huge overhead: cut down on energy and you cut down on costs. Simple. Lower your energy consumption, get immediate cost savings. This will increase your Cash Flow and project an excellent reputation for being environmentally aware.

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