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Green Deal News No13: 15 October 2011

Posted on: 2011-10-15 14:19:46

Dear all 

Have you heard of Green Deal yet?  

The chances are you may have not.  

Yet it will be the biggest home improvement programme for generations, open to every UK domestic and small medium business property.   Those who have heard of Green Deal doubt that it will happen.   There are inconsistent messages from Government with complexities and uncertainties surrounding it.  This, together with Green Deal being shrouded in mystery, and a series of delays means there is a lot to be done to spread the word. 

The fact is:  Green Deal will happen!  Watch the video to the right of page:

Legislation has passed Committee stage, Green Deal accreditation (the PAS 2030) is out for consultation, the construction industry and professions are preparing for the massive boom in low carbon opportunities.  No successive Government can overturn Green Deal, it is here to stay from October 2012.

It is anticipated that 100,000 new jobs will be created by 2017.   Green Deal and sustainability will make homes and SMEs more energy efficient in response to rising energy costs and carbon reduction targets.

I hope you find the articles below inspiring.  Please forward this newsletter to anyone who may find it useful.

Best wishes

Phyllis Boardman  

Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH

PB Energy Solutions Ltd

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Green Deal News No: 13 15 October 2011

Mass home improvement programme for generations

Chances are that you haven't heard of the Green Deal yet, but a crucial consultation period for this Government initiative has now begun. It plans to give home-owners the opportunity to make energy-efficient improvements without having to pay directly for the installation costs. See the video to the right and read on for more information:

Update on the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for non-domestic generators was due to be launched on 30 September 2011 but has been delayed until the end of November 2011. Read on for the reason for this delay, and information about the RHI . . . .

Green Deal PAS 2030 – Necessary Control or Unnecessary Burden?

Article by Fairsnape: What may well become one of the most significant UK standards in refurbishment, eco-refits and Green Deal, possibly up there with ISO 9001 and CDM, PAS 2030 has been released in draft for consultation through the BSI. (PAS is a Publicly Available Standard). Full article . . . . .

Green Deal and Sustainability

Green Deal and sustainability will have a massive impact on the construction industry over the next decade and according to predictions will create jobs to install energy efficiency measures for 100,000 people by 2017. Sustainability is not just about reducing carbon emissions, but will make homes and SMEs more energy efficient in response to an over reliance on fossil fuels.

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