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Draft Green Deal Advisor Specification

Posted on: 2011-11-22 16:08:52

Green Deal Nationwide

The standard for energy assessment and Green Deal Advice has been released in draft format for consultation.  The specification is a qualification and accreditation framework with assessment methodologies; effective redress routes; and is backed by professional indemnity cover.   

This Standard will ensure customers have an independent base on which to choose a Green Deal package which is right for them. It will also ensure that the Green Deal Providers (funders) have clear and impartial information on which to base their offer of funds.  It has been produced exclusively in connection with the Green Deal that will allow the installation of energy efficiency measures in both domestic and non-domestic properties at no upfront cost.

Note:  A Green Deal Adviser is also known as the Green Deal Assessor in other documents.

The specification covers the following:


Terms and definitions

Eligibility Criteria

Authorisation of Green Deal Advisors

Qualification and competence of Green Deal Advisors

Code of Practice           


Requirements for the management and monitoring

Robust and credible management systems

Selection, work assignment and Continual Professional Development (CPD)

Engagement of subcontract GDAs

Green Deal Assessment control - documents, record keeping and information

Internal feedback

Internal audit and corrective action

Interaction with customers

Claims of conformity

Complaints management

Disciplinary and appeals procedures      

Operational procedures

Preparation for the Green Deal assessment

Information provided to all customers

Information provided specifically to domestic customers

Information requested from domestic customers

Information exchange prior to a non-domestic Green Deal assessment visit

Deciding whether to apply RdSAP or full SAP to domestic properties

Confirming the contract with the customer

Further activities necessary prior to carrying out assessment visit

During the Green Deal assessment

Information collection

Non-domestic Green Deal assessment ± fabric and physical assets

Domestic Green Deal assessment – occupancy

Non-Domestic Green Deal assessment ± occupancy and modeling

Provision of ‘other’ advice

Producing and lodging the Green Deal Advice Report

Follow up after Green Deal installation


Green Deal assessor to Green Deal Code of Practice

Green Deal Quality Mark guidelines

National Occupational Standards and APEL guidance

Green Deal Advice Report

Green Deal Advice Report Customer sign-off sheet

Green Deal Nationwide

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£10 for a summarised version of the specification in easy to read format.  If you require a copy, please use the contact form: