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Your Business is the Environment!

Posted on: 2011-08-04 19:06:10

Your Business is the environment!

Is your business concerned about the environment or do you think it is someone else's problem? Do you know how environmental legislation and regulation affects your business? Did you know that being environmentally aware makes cost savings and gives you an advantage over competitors?

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PB Energy Solutions explains exactly what should have concern, what you need to do to address it and the steps you can take to ‘Green Up’.

The Law

There is a burgeoning amount of environmental legislation; non-compliance and breaking the law can be pretty serious with criminal and financial penalties. This also gives you a bad reputation and reduces your custom.  Environmental legislation is complex but the basic rule is that businesses can be held responsible for any environmental damage they cause.  With financial consequences for your business of fines up to £5,000 or more, these are now common with some receiving prison sentences. The type of legislation affecting your business depends on your type of service.  Generally, there are fewer environmental regulations for office based businesses than manufacturers with workshops etc. As a rule of thumb, the businesses with a more direct impact on the environment have many more responsibilities; these include construction, chemical manufacturing etc. If you are a small business, the increase in environmental legislation and regulation could mean that you’re overloaded so you bury your head in the sand, but small businesses are more likely to face prosecution. There are other threats to your business. As awareness of the green issues grows, environmental compliance is being passed down the supply chain. Larger companies are now more likely to insist that suppliers demonstrate environmental compliance and good practice by implementing ISO standards on environmental management. We are able to advise on these.

The Consumer

A recent EU survey shows that 8 out of 10 customers would rather buy from an environmentally aware business. You will see that large companies, like Tesco and M & S, are 'greening' their supply chain and increasingly buy products from suppliers that satisfy strict ethical and environmental standards. There is growing evidence that many consumers will pay a little extra for environmentally friendly products.

Business Partnerships

Beware if you are looking for business partners! Most are now looking at a business’s environmental credentials. In fact, most banks, insurers and other finance providers are less likely to do business with you if you do not demonstrate that you take environmental issues seriously. Please also note that you are at risk from being removed from a preferred list of suppliers/contractors if you do not have a suitable accreditation for environmental awareness.

What is your Environmental Status?

The easiest way to assess your current environmental status and what issues may affect your business, especially in the run up to Green Deal, is to request an environmental audit from us. This defines the environmental impact your business has and how you may manage it. Some of the areas we consider are waste; energy usage; carbon output; environmental credentials; behaviour change; and skills.

Business Risk

Have you also considered the environmental risks your business?

What environmental damage could be caused?

How likely is an accident?

How environmentally vulnerable is your location?

Any third party environmental liability?

Does your insurance policy cover environmental risk?

The list could be endless and it is our aim to help you manage all of these risks.

Our Advice and Support

We offer services to cover:

Environmental standards and regulations applicable to you now and in the future

The policies and legislation that affect products, supplies or operation

Customer aspirations and expectations; employee behaviour; greening up the supply chain 

Action Plan

When we have completed the assessment, we design an action plan to ensure you can demonstrate green ethics and project a green image.

Please contact Phyllis for more advice on how to green up your business:

Tel:  01942 829568