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The ‘Green Deal Jigsaw’ coming together!

Posted on: 2012-06-11 23:01:56


The Green Deal has been like a puzzle that requires assembly of interlocking pieces.  Today, the Government has put a major piece into the Green Deal 'jigsaw' by announcing secondary legislation.  This will boost confidence to industry and trigger the Green Deal energy efficiency market into mobilisation. 

Against a background of rising gas and electricity prices, and the fact that many UK homes are energy inefficient, the Green Deal will assist consumers to make energy-saving improvements.  They will be able to pay for part or all of the costs of the work against the savings anticipated by installing energy efficiency measures and paid back on their energy bills. The Energy Company Obligation (Eco) available from the major energy suppliers will help hard to treat homes (such as solid wall construction); low income; and vulnerable households.

The Green Deal, just one part of the overall energy efficiency picture, will help to boost the low carbon economy by creating many thousands of new jobs.

The announcement today provides the long-awaited confirmation that Green Deal WILL launch in October, with a mix of low interest loans and subsidies of £1.3bn a year.

Please visit the following sites for more information to help you prepare for this massive home improvement programme.

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