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Renewable energy gives 12 % return for businesses

Posted on: 2011-09-26 13:02:34


Your business can make significant earnings from renewable energy.  

Our tailored ‘Green Business Case’ includes installation of renewable energy technologies.  The case is now stronger than ever, and you can average returns of 11 to 12 % on investments made in onsite renewable energy.  With energy bills set to rise by another 37% by 2020, the financial benefits for investing in renewable energy such as solar panels or bio-mass are getting steadily stronger.

Spiralling bills have triggered a number of financial incentives.  We provide information on feed-in tariffs and the renewable heat incentive (RHI).   These offer fixed payments for generators of renewable energy or heat.

PB Energy Solutions takes a staged approach to renewable technology installation.   We assess your business carefully in order to select the technology best suited to your site.  We advise on whether to purchase renewable energy through green tariffs or generate energy onsite, ensuring you have the skills to support on-site projects, and assess how a project will be impacted by planning and safety considerations.

Renewable Technology:

PV Panels

Solar Heat Panels

Bio-mass boilers

Air Source Heat Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Our panel of industry experts are accredited and certified to a full range of renewables to a high standard of workmanship and to give the best possible generating potential. This includes both domestic and non-domestic property.

We offer a range of environmental services from law to strategy; solar panels to biomass boilers; energy optimisation to energy technology; air con inspections to free audits. We skill-up & re-skill your business and offer supply chain traceability. Make the most of Green Deal opportunities & the low carbon decade. 

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