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The Responsibility Deal for Businesses – Launch Autumn 2011

Posted on: 2011-07-06 13:31:50

The Responsibility Deal will formally launch in the autumn and is part of a broader approach by the Government to establish new partnerships with business to achieve social objectives. A fresh approach to corporate social responsibility; building on the new ‘Every Business Commits framework’

The Responsibility Deals sits within a wider deal between the Government and businesses through Every Business Commits, which was launched by the Prime Minister last December. The idea is simple: to foster agreement, clarity and focus around a small number of thematic issues that are important to society and the economy, which businesses have the ability to support. 

The specific actions that businesses will take will vary on their circumstances and sector, and not all businesses will want to do something under every priority. Businesses will decide for themselves what best suits their and their communities’ needs. In doing so, consumers will be given the opportunity to make consumer decisions based in part upon the social reputation of a business. We do not believe this form of consumer empowerment can be achieved by a top-down accreditation system that is imposed on businesses by Government. Rather, the Government will have an important role in convening, supporting and facilitating this idea.

In order to ensure that we can take forward the Every Business Commits framework in a way that encourages innovation and is focused on outcomes rather than process and bureaucracy, we will organise a seminar at No.10 Downing Street, which will bring together social entrepreneurs in this field who will help build the Every Business Commits vision for the future. The No.10 seminar will explore how social entrepreneurs are already creating reputational currencies that reward both consumers and businesses for making positive contributions to society and being socially responsible. We will work with this group to explore how such reward systems could achieve real scale, ensuring that Every Business Commits develops into a strong, aspirational framework that supports businesses to make socially valuable actions in future.

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