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New developments to become more sustainable

Posted on: 2011-07-30 13:27:46

New developments to become more sustainable

A recent survey undertaken by BRE Global shows that over 40% of local authorities in the UK are specifying sustainable building policies in their plans which will shape the nature of planning policies. In Wales, the national government has specified the use of BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH) throughout the country.   

Chris Cousins, Local Government Liaison Manager for BRE Global, said: “Improving the environmental performance of our building stock is a national priority.   It helps with reducing carbon emissions, making better use of scarce resources, and providing people with better places to live and work.  It is good to see local authorities driving up standards in this way, using nationally recognised assessments to improve the built environment of their areas.   Such an approach fits very well with the emphasis the Government is placing on Localism.  Improving building  standards will also trigger yet further improvements in the supply chain, as  manufacturers and suppliers respond to the new demands; that presents a great  opportunity for new ‘green jobs’ and for the UK economy as a whole.”    

Bristol City Council recently adopted its local plan, which requires sustainable design and construction in new development, as the number of local authorities pressing for a more sustainable built environment continues to grow.