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Green Deal Opportunity Market

Posted on: 2012-12-16 15:06:15

The private rented sector is a significant target market for industry.

From 2016, regulation will drive demand as private landlords will not be able to refuse a tenant�s reasonable request for a Green Deal on their home, and from 2018, a private rented home will not be lettable if it is lower than an E rating.

In addition to this, private landlords will find the Green Deal very attractive as their assets are improved whilst, in many cases, the tenant repays the Green Deal charge on the electricity bill.  The tenant, on the other hand, has a warmer, cosier home with reduced energy bills.

Phyllis Prior-Boardman, a leading UK Green Deal Consultant, and Executive Director of Green Deal Consortia LTD commented:

"Research shows there is an urgent need in the private sector to improve the energy efficiency of housing stock. For example, 26% of all the UK's  'G' rated homes are in the private rented sector.  Improvements made available by the Green Deal and the Energy Companies Obligation will not only save energy but it will also protect vulnerable households who are at risk from fuel poverty.  I therefore urge as many property owners as possible to take advantage of the funding available from the end of January 2013."

 "This is a win-win situation for property owners who can significantly improve their stock, increase its market value, and keep their tenants comfortable for longer thus reducing turnover".

The Green Deal Consortia Ltd has put together local consortia of qualified, certified and accredited Green Deal professionals to assess and deliver the work, using our routes to Green Deal private finance, ECO and traditional loans

Contact us for more information, if you are private landlords wanting assessment(s) of your property (ies), or a business looking to take advantage of the private sector's home improvement programme.