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Increase your profit margin by lowering energy costs

Posted on: 2011-09-08 10:16:03

Producing products and services that generate waste and pollution requires expenditures that cut into the bottom line of a business. Going green helps businesses lower production costs, improve competitiveness and increase profits. By reducing waste, decreasing energy use and recycling, businesses can improve the environment and reduce carbon emissions. In addition to the environmental benefits of going green, businesses benefit financially as well.   What can we do to help?

Reduced Energy Costs

We advise and install  more efficient lighting, machinery, computers and other electrical components which help reduce the amount of energy businesses use. The dual benefit is that while lower energy usage decreases spending on electricity, it also requires the big power companies to generate less energy, created by fossil fuel.

Reduced Production Costs

When energy costs increase, the cost of making products or delivering services increases. Overhead costs, including heating and lighting offices, are part of the price of any product or service. Reducing energy use in the office, such as installing energy-efficient computers, copiers, lighting and heating and cooling systems, cuts down overheads. Recycling lowers the cost of production as well. Using fuel-efficient cars and trucks lowers the cost of delivering goods, further reducing operating expenses and improving a company's bottom line.

Increased Competitiveness or Increased Profits

When businesses lower their cost of production, they can reduce the price of their product and make the business more competitive. If the business is already a price leader, lowering its prices even further makes it more difficult for competitors to keep up. A price leader may opt to keep its prices the same after lowering the cost of production and increase its profit margins from the energy savings. Recycling and other green initiatives allow businesses to advertise the "greenness" of their products, which encourages some consumers to purchase their products over their competitors who aren't able to make such claims.  Additionally, businesses that produce goods which qualify as green under certain accreditations will realise increased sales by securing more contracts from companies and agencies under mandates to purchase green.

PB Energy Solutions advise and/or install:

PV and Solar Heat Panels (MCS accredited)

Voltage optimisation

Energy price comparisons and bill auditing  for overcharges, billing errors

Energy monitoring technology

Capital Tax Allowances

Renewables (MCS accredited)

Commercial Energy Plus Audits

Building log books

Air conditioning energy efficiency audits (mandatory)

Environmental law / regulation support

Training of workforce on low carbon products

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

PR & Media coverage

Proof reading

Commercial EPCs and DECs

Waste & water management

Tender writing

Environmental ISO accreditations

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