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Construction Tendering: Are you environmentally eligible?

Posted on: 2011-10-28 20:01:45

BSI/PAS 91 is a ‘publicly available specification’ that includes a set of questions on environmental criteria essential to prequalification for construction tendering.  Responses are used to assess supplier suitability and to be eligible for prequalification suppliers must demonstrate that they possess or have access to environmental capabilities to undertake work and deliver services for potential buyers.

What are the Core Environmental Questions

B3: Environmental management policy and capability


Do you have a documented policy and organisation for the management of construction-related environmental issues?


Do you check, review and where necessary improve your environmental management performance?

Be able to provide evidence that you or your organisation has an environmental management policy authorised by the Chief executive or equivalent and regularly reviewed.

The policy should be relevant to the nature and scale of the work and set out the responsibilities for environmental management throughout the organisation.

Be able to demonstrate that your organisation has a system for monitoring environmental management procedures on an on-going basis and for updating them at periodic intervals.


Do you have documented arrangements for ensuring that your environmental management procedures are effective in reducing/preventing significant impacts on the environment?

Be able to provide evidence that your organisation’s environmental policy implementation plan provides information as to how the company aims to discharge relevant legal responsibilities and provides clear indication of how these arrangements are communicated to the workforce, in relation to environmental matters including:

  1. sustainable materials procurement
  2. waste management
  3. energy management

This should include the arrangements for responding to, monitoring and recording environmental incidents and emergencies and complaints.


Do you have arrangements for providing employees who will engage in construction, with training and information on construction-related environmental issues?

Be able to demonstrate that your organisation has in place and implements, training arrangements to ensure that its workforce has sufficient skills and understanding to carry out their various duties.

This should include a programme of refresher training that will keep the workforce updated on relevant legal requirements and good environmental management practice.


Do you have arrangements for ensuring that any suppliers you engage apply environmental protection measures that are appropriate to the work for which they are being engaged.

Be able to demonstrate that your organisation has procedures for monitoring supplier’s environmental management arrangements and ensuring that environmental performance appropriate for the work to be undertaken is delivered throughout the whole of your organisations supply chain.

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