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PAS 2030 for Green Deal and Refurbs

Posted on: 2011-12-03 19:56:41

All those installers, contractors, sub-contractors and trades who need to build their business planning around green growth and Green Deal, they will have to jump through some very difficult hurdles, including the PAS 2030 which is due out early 2012.  In this article I advise on the proposed route and why you should start planning now.

Have you got an Environmental Management System such as ISO 14001?

If not, are you considering one?  They are a good starting point and do not have to be expensive, in fact from only £450 will get you an environmental management system in place.  

Either way, an ISO is not a pre-requirement, but it is a useful tool to make the rest of the journey less painful.  And it certainly helps you in the tendering process as many contracts now require it. If you want it as a means of setting up a management system, you do not need seek the end result of ISO accreditation (which is the expensive part).  By laying the groundwork using an ISO approach, you will find many cross-overs with the PAS 2030 and MCS management systems (if you need MCS).

Have you got the information on the Draft PAS 2030? 

Although still in draft form, it will show you how to build the foundations to get your certification as early as possible and be ahead of your competitors.  For Clients I provide a copy of a jargon free summary of the PAS 2030 which can be used for business planning purposes and staff training.

Will you be installing any of the micro-generation measures? 

Ground or air source heat pumps; solar PV; solar heat panels; biomass boilers?  If so, are you MCS accredited or equivalent?  If not, you will need to be, so get your MCS (Microgeneration Certificated Scheme) sorted out as soon as possible.  See m articles on: 

If you are not installing any of the micro-generation measures, but will be sub-contracted to those that do, you will need to be PAS 2030 accredited.  There is also a range of specific measures under Green Deal that need PAS 2030, click here to get a list to see if your area of business is one of them:

What is the common denominator for Green Deal?

The common element and route to Green Deal Accreditation is PAS 2030.  The PAS 2030 has been designed for any business, large or small, who wishes to undertake the installation of any products and/ or systems designed to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings.  This is wider than just Green Deal; its scope covers any eco-retrofit of existing buildings.

PAS 2030 includes requirements in respect of installation processes, process management and service provision and includes criteria relating to installation methods, equipment and tools, product and material suitability and the training, skills and competence of the people undertaking such installation.

What are the steps required?

Step One:  ISO 9001 and 14001 (not a requirement, but helpful in preparing for PAS 2030)

Step Two:  PAS 2030 (a requirement on any eco-retrofit or Green Deal funded work)

Step Three:  MCS Certification (a requirement if you wish to install micro-generation technology

Step Four:  Green Deal Codes of Practice (a requirement of Green Deal)

Step Five:  Green Deal Accreditation (a requirement in order to go on the Green Deal list of installers)

What is the Green Deal Code of Practice?

Codes of Practice will specify certain criteria that advisers, Green Deal providers, and installers have to meet in order to operate under the Green Deal.  An article of the Code of Practice will be available soon on this website.

PB Energy Solutions and associates are developing a range of tools and templates to help your business achieve all that is necessary to get onto a Green Deal approved list of installers.  The opportunities will be massive, and it can’t be stressed enough how important it is to start now.  The first Green Deal customers will appear from October 2012 with the resulting demand for your services.

Will you be ready?

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