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Green Deal Opportunities!

Posted on: 2012-03-27 14:53:38

The Government has forecast that employment in the new green growth sector could more than double by 2015.   

Insulation will no longer be the key factor in energy efficiency and there will be a broad range of other measures in the market such as heating, glazing, lighting, microgeneration and new technologies like flue gas heat recovery and waste water recovery systems.   Additional measures will be introduced on a constant basis including simple improvements such as solar blinds and shading devices. Funding by way of a £10 million competition is to be launched in May to support new innovative technologies that can achieve substantial energy savings in commercial buildings.  Current and new technologies will address the 6 million households who need double glazing and the 70% of homes without heating controls, including the 16.4 million homes with non-condensing boilers.

Everyone will benefit from green growth and will include manufacturing, distributers and installers of Green Deal eligible measures.  Insulation demands are set to rise in order to address the 7 million solid wall properties yet to be treated.  The Green Deal and Renewable Heat Incentive have complementary roles with the Green Deal due to customer requirements and technologies with renewable heat measures being eligible for Green Deal finance. 

A £200m injection of Government funding will provide incentives for the first wave of customer in order to kick-start the market from October 2012. Amendments to Part L of the Building Regulations will further drive the demand for Green Deal.

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