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Quality Training with the Green Deal Consortia

Posted on: 2013-05-03 20:05:12


We are pleased to announce that one of our Consortia partners, training provider NW Training, is now an Accredited Centre in its own right and therefore able to award NVQ Qualifications and Certifications.

Neil Whitfield from NW Training said: “Before now, having trained candidates up to accreditation standard we would have had to direct applicants to a College for the actual awarding of the accreditation and certification.

“Getting accredited ourselves will improve the quality and speed of onsite assessments and specifically those who require qualifications that are added into their PAS2030 audit documentation. We are working closely with the awarding body GQA who are keen to work with NW Training in the improvement of standards required for future construction activities.”

Phyllis Prior Boardman, executive director of Green Deal Consortia said: “It is important that we provide a quality of training which will ultimately lead to us being able to give young people and those wishing to up-skill direct access to jobs generated through the Green Deal initiative.  This is great news for the Consortia as it will speed up the training process whilst increasing the range of qualifications that we can provide.

The Green Deal Consortia is a combination of small businesses, green deal providers, utility companies, other  funders and investors all working together for the purpose of engaging in delivering the UK’s Green Deal and Energy Companies Obligation (ECO)

Its aim is to bring the benefits of the Green Deal and ECO funded work to installers through a collaboration with funders, suppliers, small and large businesses, manufacturers, business support, educational institutions and training facilitators.

For further information about the Green Deal Consortia you can visit the web site – – or call the team on 0843 506 5285.