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Posted on: 2011-12-06 11:58:07


Dear all

The Green Deal Scheme is less than 10 months to launch.  To take advantage of the opportunities for Green Deal and retrofitting work, you must start to gear-up now. 

If you are already in heating, electrical, gas, insulation, or just a general builder, and you want to become a Green Deal installer, there are a number of potential business models which will ensure you will have fair access to the market – whether you are a sole trader, SME, or large organisation:

• A salaried employee of the Green Deal provider

• Sub-contracted on a per-job basis by a Green Deal provider

• An independent Green Deal installer commissioned directly by a consumer.

However, to be a Green Deal installer, you will need to meet the requirements of the proposed PAS 2030, MCS accreditation if you want to install renewables and the Green Deal Code of Practice – these are the minimum requirements.

From whichever starting point you are at, you will need additional certifications.  Not just under the Green Deal scheme, but for any retrofitting of existing property with the set of regulated energy efficiency measures.

Manufacturers also have a role to play in Green Deal, and so do the supply chains of every contractor and sub-contractor.

The Green Deal framework is simple.  However, the detail is complex and changing on a regular basis.  In response to this, I have developed a new fee matrix which is affordable even to the sole trader.

The subjects I have covered in this newsletter are:

Grants for SMEs

The proposed new PAS 2030 (and social housing)

MCS Accreditation

As always, I hope you find this very useful.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need any further information.

Best wishes

Phyllis Boardman 

Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH

PB Energy Solutions Ltd

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UK Housing: Don’t PASS on the PAS 2030

Another article published on the UK Housing website. This article has been contributed by Phyllis Boardman, who is Company Director and Founder of PB Energy Solutions and is a Board Member for a leading housing organisation where she is active in Decent Homes, Green Deal, governance, strategy and performance. Please read on for more information:

SMEs: £1,000 grant to help you on the way to Green Growth!

Match funding, of up to £1,000, is aimed to enhance the leadership and management skills of Directors and/or Managers of small to medium sized enterprises, including social enterprises if they can demonstrate the potential for high or fast growth.  PB Energy Solutions has teamed up with NXO to utilise this grant so we can prepare SMEs for opportunities in the new green growth industry and Green Deal.

PAS 2030 for Green Deal and Refurbs

All those installers, contractors, sub-contractors, and trades who need to build their business planning around green growth and Green Deal, they will have to jump through some very difficult hurdles, including the PAS 2030 which is due out early 2012.  In this article I advise on the proposed route and why you should start planning now.

Green Deal – Thinking of Installing Renewables?

If so, you need to know about the Microgeneration Installation Standard: MCS 001.  The future of the UK’s renewable energy industry is set provide £100 billion worth of investment opportunities and up to half a million jobs in the renewable energy sector.  The MCS quality assurance scheme is key to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

Green News and Green Deal!

Welcome to another week of Green Deal activities!  There have been some major developments with key documents released by the Government.  I have therefore been busy analysing it all; writing out summaries, and posting articles about all those areas which could be most relevant to my readership.

Last Week's Green News & Green Deal

Archived Newsletters but still Relevant! 

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