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Green News & Green Deal

Posted on: 2011-11-13 14:41:31

Dear all

The Green Deal scheme will affect everyone living in the UK!

I am aware that there are many who subscribe to this newsletter that may not feel the Green Deal is relevant to them. However, being green as a business will be very important.  

You business will be on a Supply Chain which will be affected by the Green Deal.

All the supply chains that will evolve around the Green Deal may require green credentials.  Tendering requirements on environmental criteria are also becoming stricter, and ‘green washing’ will no longer be acceptable.  The UK Green Building Council has set up Task Groups to combat green washing in different industries and Trading Standards are becoming more and more active in this respect.  Global warming and resource limitations are increasing the need for sustainability, and in response, manufacturers, governments, retailers, and consumers are forcing an ever more environmentally efficient supply chain.

Being green equals cost savings, increased profitability and improved image.

Despite these challenges, there are significant cost advantages and brand enhancements to be achieved, in addition to regulatory and consumer requirements to be met, by improving supply chain sustainability.

What is the scope of the Green Deal scheme?

Not only will the Green Deal affect your business, it will affect you as an individual.  Every householder and SME property in the UK will be incentivised to increase their energy efficiency ratings.  The Government's drive to cut carbon emissions will provide opportunities for you to install energy efficiency measures in your home or business property with no up-front costs.  For more information, check out

To assist with the understanding of the very important legislation behind the Green Deal scheme, I have written an easy to read Paper which summarises the provisions of the Energy Act 2011 in relation to Green Deal provisions.  You can request your free copy by using the ‘Get in Touch’ form on

What are the implications of the draft Green Deal PAS 2030?

I have been getting a large number of enquiries on the draft PAS 2030.  This certification scheme is one that all businesses must achieve if they want to do Green Deal work, or indeed, any energy efficiency retrofitting schemes outside of Green Deal.  As a result of this demand, I am offering a jargon free and simplified version of the draft PAS 2030.  I have written this to help businesses, in particular, the sole trader and small SMEs, to understand what they have to achieve.  Again, this can be obtained by using the ‘Get in Touch’ form on 

The draft PAS 2030, the final to be launched early next year, contains a number of Annexes which detail the scope of installations that will need to be PAS 2030 certified.  I urge you to check these out in my article below, and then make a plan on how you can achieve all its requirements.  It is advisable that you are ready for October 2012 when the first Green Deal customers will be demanding their energy efficient installations and related refurbishing works.  This will be the start of the Third Industrial Revolution!

Resulting from a huge interest in the draft PAS 2030, together with my associates, I will be arranging affordable taster sessions around the North West which will set out the course of action required to get PAS 2030 certified and ultimately put your business on the Green Deal register of accredited installers.

Please do let me know if you need any help at all with ‘greening up your business’ or if you intend to take advantage of the massive opportunities ahead under the Green Deal scheme.  Please browse the articles below, I hope you find them very helpful, and if so, why not let me know?

Best wishes

Phyllis Boardman 

Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH

PB Energy Solutions Ltd

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Green News & Green Deal   

A Summary of the Green Deal Provisions in the Act itself

Energy Act 2011 (c16): A Summary of the Green Deal Provisions from the actual Act itself.  This Paper has been written by Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH and must be read in conjunction with the Act. 

Taster Sessions on Green Deal PAS 2030

PB Energy Solutions and Associates are organising taster sessions across the North West to prepare the construction and other industries for the new PAS 2030 certification (Draft Version), the final to be launched early 2012 in advance of the Green Deal.  

Don’t PASS on PAS 2030 for Green Deal!

This article carries some strong messages.  All those installers, contractors, sub-contractors, and trades who need to build their business planning around green growth and Green Deal, they will have to jump through some very difficult hurdles, including the PAS 2030 which is due out early 2012.  In this article I advise on the proposed route and why you should start planning now.

Draft Green Deal PAS 2030: Which trades are implicated?

The Draft PAS 2030 will be finalised early 2012.  It contains a number of Annexes which detail the scope of installations which will need to be PAS 2030 certificated.  It involves many trades and it is well worth you checking to see if your trade is included.  If so, take advice and prepare yourself for Green Deal Accreditation, otherwise you may miss out on massive opportunities from October 2012.

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