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GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No9/27 August 11

Posted on: 2011-08-27 12:24:28

Dear All

I hope you find this week’s newsletter of great environmental interest.  The theme is around the challenges you face as a business, the benefits you can achieve, the impact on your image, the opportunities you can take, and the help we can offer.

Your Challenge

Rising energy costs means that your business will face increased cost and risk impacting both profitability and competitive advantage. To manage these risks and mitigate these problems, your business will need to adopt an environmental strategy that will enable you to remain profitable while reducing a reliance on costly fossil fuel. To embed an environmental ethos into every area of your business and culture, you will need to know your environmental impact.

Your Benefits

A move away from costly fossil fuel will enable your business to maintain long-term profitability and enhance your reputation which in turn achieves growth. By taking a proactive approach to environmental management, you will empower your employees, inform your customers and reassure investors over environmental risks, resulting in a stronger brand and increased sales.

Your Image

There is a growing consumer, investor and employee interest in environmental issues.   With regulators and stakeholders also putting sustainability in the spotlight, you will need to have information about your environmental aims, performance and risks. This means that your carbon footprint will affect your business’s profitability.  From packaging and foods to cookers and cars, carbon and energy labels are important to consumers when considering their purchases. Your ability to demonstrate carbon-cutting credentials can therefore have a direct impact on incremental sales and customer loyalty.  Investors are equally interested in environmental issues when choosing to add a business to their portfolio. 

The link between the environment and competitive advantage is becoming more widely recognised, the concept of going green therefore needs to be embedded in every area of your business’s operations to deliver maximum results, from your supply chain and sales operation to facilities management and IT infrastructure. 

Look at the big players.  Tesco has a 50 % reduction target in carbon emissions from all its stores by 2020 to help drive their competitive advantage.  Tesco has done a great deal of work to drive road miles and carbon out of their operation and have enhanced their image by branding their vehicles ‘Less CO2’.

Marks & Spencer was quick to add an online element to its Plan A initiative, which was originally launched in January 2007. ‘Plan A TV’ showcases how their products are benefiting the environment and society through better business management and traceability in the supply chain. ‘My Plan A’ also enables M&S to engage directly with its customers by encouraging them to make their own pledges to lead sustainable lifestyles. And the initiative has remained cost-neutral, meaning the retailer has been able to enhance its eco-competitiveness without impacting its balance sheet. Plan A is a prime example of how a 100-point plan has lowered carbon emissions, increased green energy production, new ranges of Fairtrade such as organic, recycled and energy efficient products.

Your Chance

You need to make sure you are not missing out on ideas that could deliver added business value. More importantly, your business may need to re-position itself ready for the low carbon decade ahead. Without effective ideas, support and guidance, the required qualifications and accreditations, businesses will not be able to compete in the emerging green growth industry and will miss out on the massive opportunities under Green Deal in 2012.

PB Energy Solutions can maximise your return from new initiatives.  Innovation is fundamental to your competitive advantage.  We encourage new products, sales channels and environmental initiatives.  We ensure carbon reduction (environmental ROI); cost reduction (financial ROI); revenue enhancements; and we give you an important green image.  The financial savings that come hand-in-hand with going green means that achieving a cost-neutral environmental strategy is achievable for every business.

We help you to unlock greater business and competitive value by putting an environmental strategy in place. We access accurate environmental management information and help to simplify regulatory compliance.  We offer a full Energy Audit to capture and document the energy characteristics and energy consumption of your building.   This enables the benchmarking of current consumption against future consumption and predicts the impact of remedial changes to the building fabric and new equipment installed.  We will identify and prioritise the most beneficial projects and assess relevant risks and successes.  We execute all these activities with the minimum effort and cost to your business.

We offer a range of packages tailored to the individual traits of a business which include:

voltage optimisation; energy audits; utilities assessments; energy monitoring technology; tax benefits; regulatory compliance; supply chain traceability; installation of renewables; air conditioning energy assessments; re-skilling and up-skilling of trade; corporate social responsibility; environmental management; ….and many more services.

Ring me for a free consultation on what your business needs.

Best wishes


Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH

PB Energy Solutions Ltd

Tel:  01942 829568


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GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No9/27 August 11

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