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GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No7/13th August 11

Posted on: 2011-08-13 10:49:27

Dear All

This week further demonstrates that businesses are more at risk because of government cuts, energy hikes and environmental restrictions.

Government cuts are threatening the capacity of the world’s largest cement maker.   Its main customer, the Highways Agency, is cutting spending by 44%.  There will be an adverse effect on construction and supply chains cross the industry as a result.  We hear too, that a fourth energy provider out of the Big Six will be increasing the price of gas by 18% and electricity by 11%.

M&S is the first major retailer to commit to tracing every raw material source, spinner, and fabric mill along their supply chains in response to environmental law and regulations.  Is your business in this supply chain?  If so we can help.

Our support, advice and facilitation is designed to help businesses adapt to survive over the next decade.  New opportunities will be very different from those in the past and businesses must take on new roles to take advantage of the green growth agenda.

Moving to a green economy presents huge opportunities for British businesses not only to reduce their environmental impact, but also to transform products and services, develop cleaner technologies, and capture new international markets.  The Government’s ‘Encouraging green growth: Government and businesses working together’ was published this week which provides greater clarity on how businesses can get involved.

In addition, we offer valuable guidance on how businesses can reduce energy waste and harness the benefits of renewable energy.  This, together with advice on sustainable supply chains and how you can achieve an effective green marketing strategy, will put you ahead of your competitors and help you along the way with Green Accreditation.

There is an urgent need for the Green Business Case.  Corporate Social Responsibility takes on a new approach as part of the Government’s Big Society; and businesses are urged to take part in Every Business Commits by taking a keen interest in their local communities.

Do not hesitate to contact me if I can help with any of these issues.  Please also look at the ‘Business Support’ section to the right hand side of the webpage for a full range of what is available to you.

Best wishes,


Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH

PB energy Solutions Ltd

GreenDEAL GREENup Newsletter No7/13th August 11

Government cuts pose construction jobs threat

“It hasn’t been this tough since the late 1980s and the industry is having to adjust,” Mr Bowater said, adding that Aggregate Industries, the UK arm of Switzerland’s Holcim, the world’s largest cement maker by revenues, had started reviewing its capacity and production facilities in light of the falling demand. Full Article:

Businesses must adapt to survive the next decade

PB Energy Solutions, together with Fairsnape, are urging businesses to adapt to a marketplace which will see radically changes over the next decade. New opportunities will look very different from those experienced in the past. The commercial potential provided by the green growth agenda is vast, but businesses must be prepared to take on new kinds of work.

E.On hikes energy bills

E.On is the fourth of the six big energy companies to put up its gas and electricity prices. The company has announced that it will raise prices from 13 September by 18 per cent for gas, and electricity will go up by 11 per cent.

Government and businesses working together

“Moving to a green economy presents huge opportunities for British businesses not only to reduce their environmental impact, but also to transform products and services, develop cleaner technologies, and capture new international markets.” Full article:

The Green Business Case

Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH of PB Energy Solutions Limited writes - Corporate responsibility is part of the Big Society and many businesses are already working with their local communities. The government wants to see more businesses taking a keen interest in the communities they serve by taking part in Every Business Commits.

Business: Waste, Renewable Energy, Supply Chains, and Marketing

We offer Businesses valuable guidance on how to implement effective policies for reducing the amount of waste they produce and how they can harness the environmental and financial benefits associated with renewable energy. In addition, we show them how to start delivering more sustainable supply chains and developing an effective green marketing strategy.

M&S First Major Retailer for Full Supply-Chain Traceability

Because of growing scrutiny from consumers, along with tighter environmental restrictions and volatile markets for raw materials, full supply-chain traceability is fast becoming a necessity in today’s marketplace.

Do not hestiate to call me, no query is too small or too large.  I offer no obligation advice which can simply put you on the right track to a greener and more viable future at no or little cost.


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