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GREEN DEAL GREEN UP Newsletter 2nd Edition 9 July 2011

Posted on: 2011-07-09 14:53:29

Dear Colleagues


We are once again delighted to send you our newsletter ‘GREEN DEAL GREEN UP’ 2nd Edition which captures this week’s concerns on energy prices and which provides links to a number of products and services that can reduce your utility costs.  Please remember that we also offer free no-obligation advice for any businesses who seek opportunities under Green Deal which is to be launched in 2012. 

It has been a very eventful week since our last newsletter. With British Gas causing widespread dismay at their huge price increases, it is a very worrying time for householders and businesses.  Many are struggling to cope in the current economic downturn.   

We specialise in energy performance advice for commercial properties, including air conditioning surveys in line with legislation and mandatory lodgement under our Green Assess (Bolton).

We hope you find this newsletter of interest.  If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time on 07912789186.

Kind Regards

Phyllis Boardman BSc (Hons) MCIH

PB Energy Solutions Ltd




GREEN DEAL GREEN UP 2nd Edition 9 July 2011

Energy News

Stunned Consumers! British Gas raises gas and electricity prices

British Gas has stunned households across the UK by announcing a rise in gas and electricity prices of 18% and 16%, just eight months after it raised its prices by 7%.  

Products and Services

In addition to our own services, tailored to meet your needs, PB Energy Solutions regularly source reputable traders and service providers whose products help the environment on carbon reduction and save you money.  Please keep signed up as more new products are recommended.

How can your business bring spiralling costs under control?

For a range of free no-obligation advice, visit:-

How to cut your energy bills - a FREE webinar

Date: Wednesday 20th July 2011
Time: 15:00 London Time
Duration: 45 minutes (Live)

Domestic Heat Pumps and C02 Monitoring

SDH Building Services is a highly responsive company who is willing to go the extra mile to provide a quality job and service, with competitive prices.  Specialising in domestic heat pumps, householders can make real cost savings on their annual utility bills using a domestic heat pump rather than a traditional gas boiler or oil-fired boiler.  In addition, SDH has developed its own bespoke CO2-monitored ventilation system which provides a high quality of air and helps to reduce energy costs for customers.  For more information on SDH Building Services, please visit:-

Electricity Saving Equipment

C02 Control aims to permanently reduce the power consumption of small and medium sized businesses by fitting equipment that regulates the power coming into the premises. Typical savings are up to 30%”.  For more information on this innovative and British-made energy and cost saving product:-

Green Investments

Emerald Knight ensure the projects which clients invest in are helping to address global food shortages, enlarge and protect rain forests and satisfy increasing demand for alternative fuels and energy solutions, helping local communities while contributing to relieving poverty. Click on the link below:

Funding to bring New Environmental Products to the Market

Funding is now available through the EU Eco-innovation initiative for the development of new processes, products or services that mitigate environmental impacts or promote a more efficient use of resources.  PB energy Solutions can apply on your behalf.

Green Deal

These are exciting times for those seeking new opportunities and who wish to reinvent in preparation for Green Deal and the Government’s trade accreditation scheme.  The latest news on Green Deal is highlighted below, and to visit our Green Deal information hub, go to:

Phyllis Boardman of PB Energy Solutions invited as Green Deal panel expert

@fairsnape, GVis2011 and CKE of Leeds University organised an outstanding, ground breaking ‘Future of Energy’ event in Leeds on the 7 July 2011.  Using technology and social media, the event reached a live global audience and beamed live speakers from Brussels and America into the conference room. The workshop session ‘Green Deal Explained’ was hosted by Phyllis Boardman of PB Energy Solutions.   

Responsibility Deal for Businesses

The Government’s Responsibility Deal ‘Every Business Commits’ encourages businesses to focus on five priorities: 1. Reduce carbon and protect the environment. 2. Improve skills and create jobs. 3. Support community. 4. Improve quality of life and well-being. 5. Support small and medium-sized enterprises.