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Addressing CSR: UK’s Green Deal

Posted on: 2012-04-28 11:47:52



Phyllis presented her paper on a panel chaired by M. G. George Muthoot, Chairman, The Muthoot Group.  Other panelists were:

Eng. Hani Hossni , Board Member , Dubai Quality Group & MD, European Excellence , Consultancy & Training , Abu Dhabi , UAE

Manoj Sonawala, GM – Corporate & Company Secretary, Tata Services Ltd

Phyllis Boardman, Managing Director, PB Energy Solutions Ltd

Sanjay Anand, Chairperson of SOX and GRC Institute, GRC Group, USA

Dr K K Upadhyay, Team Leader, FICCI Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence, India  

Stuart Dunlop, Head of Middle East, ACCA Global, UK

Rajesh Kothari, Managing Director, AlfAccurate Advisors Pvt Ltd, India


Addressing CSR: UK’s Green Deal

In 2011, total building stock worldwide represented 145.1 billion square meters with 75% of that in residential buildings. Commercial, residential, and industrial buildings account for 49% of global energy consumption and 47% of global greenhouse gas emissions. A large proportion of energy is consumed unnecessarily and can easily be reduced by cost-effective measures. Despite the building construction industry being affected by recession, global building stock is expected to grow to 182.5 billion square meters, at a compound annual growth rate of 2.3%, by 2021, according to Pike research launched 5th April 2012. The UK Government has a statutory obligation to reduce carbon emissions by 80% below 1990 levels by 2050.  UK buildings account for 37% of its greenhouse gasses, with homes producing 25%.  Driving down energy demands is therefore crucial to meeting carbon reduction targets.

The UK’s Green Deal will address many of the barriers that exist for eco-retrofitting the UK’s building stock.   The scheme is based on the principles of Ecology, Efficiency and Economy.  Businesses participating in the Green Deal will be able to understand how to measure consumption, develop energy efficiency plans, monitor carbon reduction progress, and access low carbon measures with no up-front costs.  It is designed to improve energy performance of buildings, meet UK carbon emission targets and reduce rising energy bills.   It is a welcome catalyst for private investment to boost growth and stimulate the economy. The £6.5bn-a-year investment will create an estimated 100,000 new jobs by 2020.  This brilliant concept is the biggest home improvement programme since the Second World War.

This paper explains the World’s first Green Deal scheme, how it will complement and promote CSR, the effects on supply chain; and the innovative Community Green Deal programme

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