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Energy is a huge overhead. We have a simple solution

Posted on: 2011-09-26 12:19:18

Energy consumption is a huge overhead: cut down on energy and you cut down on costs.  Simple.  Lower your energy consumption, get immediate cost savings.  This will increase your Cash Flow and project an excellent reputation for being environmentally aware.

How can we help?

We help businesses to make substantial savings by reducing energy costs thus increasing profitability and creating a 'green' image. 

PB Energy Solutions Ltd provides businesses with a range of environmental services and products, advice and support tailored to specific needs. With a qualified and accredited team of professionals, we offer an initial free consultation to a full package of measures ensuring a business saves money, reduces energy, and is embedded with a Green ethos, reputation and image.

Remember - save money, reduce environmental impact & make the most of the energy you use.

We offer a range of environmental services from law to strategy; solar panels to biomass boilers; energy optimisation to energy technology; air con inspections to free audits. We skill-up & re-skill your business and offer supply chain traceability. Make the most of Green Deal opportunities & the low carbon decade. 

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