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Six reasons why you should prepare for Green Deal & ECO!

Posted on: 2012-12-10 10:38:16


Green Deal preparations are making excellent progress and gathering momentum to make way for the first customer deals for 28 January 2013.  This important information is for all those who are yet to realise the massive opportunities, and will encourage more businesses to attain their qualifications, certification and accreditations to access Green Deal funded work.  These 6 reasons validate the serious intentions of government to get this scheme up and running, it is now down to all us of to make it work!


What are the Six Reasons?

  1. Government is launching a campaign to raise the profile of Green Deal.  This will build understanding and trust of the Green Deal with an initial £2.9 million budget to cover digital and traditional channels up to April 2013.  It is set to create a real buzz and will be targeted at the right people in the right way.
  2. A national Open Homes network will be made available so that people can find and see homes that have been improved by energy saving retrofits. It will incentivise customers as they will be able to see how great their home could look and feel.
  3. An online Green Deal Cash back Portal is now available where Green Deal Providers, charities and Community Interest Companies can register if they wish to take part in the Cash back Scheme of incentives for homeowners taking out a Green Deal.  The cash backs are brilliant offers for people taking out the Green Deal.
  4. The new ECO, now titled the ‘Energy Companies Obligation’ (ECO), has been approved in both the Commons’ and the Lords’.
  5. The revised Green Deal Code of Practice has also been laid in Parliament. The Code will come into force when it is issued by the Secretary of State in January, at which point it will replace the existing version.
  6. A new Consumer Credit Act (Green Deal) Regulations (2012) will come into force on 28th January.

To take opportunities under the Green Deal & ECO and for details of the Green Deal Consortia, a nationally recognised socially responsible organisation with defined routes to employment, training and new opportunities, please contact: 


Phyllis Prior-Boardman BSc (Hons) CIHCM

Executive Director

Green Deal Consortia Ltd

Wigan Investment Centre


Tel: 08435 065285

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