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Green Deal – Thinking of Installing Renewables?

Posted on: 2011-12-03 19:36:40

If so, you need to know about the Microgeneration Installation Standard: MCS 001.  The future of the UK’s renewable energy industry is set provide £100 billion worth of investment opportunities and up to half a million jobs in the renewable energy sector.  The MCS quality assurance scheme is key to take advantage of the opportunities ahead.

What is MCS?

This is an Installer certification scheme requirement which provides an on-going, independent, third party assessment of installers to ensure that standards are met and maintained.

What does MCS cover?

The scope of MCS covers the undertaking of supply, design, installation, set to work, commissioning, and handover of the following Microgeneration technologies:

Solar domestic hot water

Solar PV

Micro Wind

Micro Hydro


Heat Pumps

Micro CHP

Renewable CHP

Fuel cells

How do I become MCS certified?

You must make an application to an accredited Certification Body who operates this particular scheme. They will provide the appropriate application form and details of the fees to be incurred.  You may apply for one or more of the Microgeneration technologies listed above.

Will I be assessed?

An Assessment will be carried out to determine the technical competence of your Company to carry out work in accordance with the relevant standards(s).  

Assessments are made at your office base and on site, and include surveillance visits.

What will be assessed on?

You will need to have an Installation Quality Control (IQC) system.  As a minimum, you must address a number of activities through documented procedures and systems.  Examples include purchasing, document control, storage, handling, packaging, and transportation, amongst many others.

Will I get a Certificate?

A certificate will be awarded to your Company when the full assessment has been satisfactorily completed and any non-conformity cleared up.

Your Company will remain certificated provided it continues to do microgeneration installation work for the scope indicated on the certificate and continues to comply with the standard.

A  Certification Mark is issued for use on Company publications.

For more information on MCS Accreditation, please visit the MCS website at:

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