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A Summary of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

Posted on: 2011-11-21 15:28:20

A Summary of the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) 

Are you a plumber, heating engineer, electrician or someone interested in installing renewable technologies in the future?  If you are not already MCS accredited, you will not be able to get full access to the opportunities in the new green growth industry . . . . . . . . . 

UK renewable energy policy is set to provide £100 billion worth of investment opportunities and up to 500,000 jobs in the renewable energy sector. However, to take advantage of these opportunities in this rapidly expanding market, you are advised to get MCS accredited as soon as possible.   

What is MCS?

MCS is a standard which demonstrates that low and zero carbon technologies and installers are reliable and competent.  It is similar to the Gas Safe Register as the MCS gives you a mark of competency and demonstrates to customers that you can install to the highest quality.

PB Energy Solutions has been striving to encourage as many trades and companies as possible, of all sizes, to take part in the ‘green’ revolution.  Being part of this will create wider business opportunities and with the MCS you will be able to access markets with the right quality, knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the pre-sale and installation activities.

What are the technologies covered?

The MCS includes the technologies in the table below, which also highlights where they fit under the Green Deal and the proposed PAS 2030:

What is the format?

The scheme is a set of written standards which contain some requirements that apply to all installers and others specific to the technology to be installed.

How do I get started?

Download the latest scheme documents from the MCS website (free of charge).

Contact Certification Bodies on how they will work with you to gain Certification and select the one that suits you, in terms of technologies covered and pricing structure (a list is available on the MCS website).

Outline your business processes and write down basic procedures to reflect your processes.  If you already have an environmental management system, such an ISO 90001 and/or 14001, it will help you considerable with these processes.

You need the Office of Fair Trading Scheme for MCS - it is a Code of Practice.

Once the documentation is in place, arrange an office and installation site witness assessment.

Where there are non-compliances, they are resolved to the satisfaction of the Certification Body.

Installer details are put on MCS website.

For an installation to be MCS certificated (and eligible for incentives, grants etc) you must use an MCS approved product. These can be found on the MCS website.

What is the scope of MCS?

MCS certification is for the company.

You can become a fully certificated MCS Installer Company and get your own certificate; or work full time for a certificated MCS Installer Company.   

If you want to remain independent, you can also become a sub-contractor to a certificated MCS Installer Company, but there are rules for subcontracting.

Things you need to know:

MCS is still required even if you are signed up to a Competent Person Scheme.

MCS is certificated to the EN45011 standard, which demonstrates that all your practices and skills meet the MCS standards and requirements.

The length of the process for a well-structured company could be up to 6 months.

A list of all products is available on the MCS website.

MCS charge a £110 annual fee.  Installers are charged £15 per installation. 

The Certification Body fees are different for each company.  As of March 2010, the prices started from around £650 for one technology (this includes the first year’s MCS annual fee).

You will need to have an annual surveillance visit from a Certification Body to maintain MCS certification.

For further information visit the MCS website:

MCS helpdesk: 0207 090 1082

PB Energy Solutions is always here to help:

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